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Find the right type of help for your career. Schedule a time to chat with our team and we will custom fit the right type of help for you (or be blatantly up front if we think we’re not the right fit for you!)

Worst case – you have a great conversation (we’re fun! And we love what we do!)

Best case – you change your entire life (and career!)

Coaching That Fits You

“Unconventional”, “Intentional and Strategic”, “Life changing”, “a kick in the pants when I most needed it“

That’s what people all over the world have said about our coaching services. We focus on results not resumes. We help you define your ideal career (and life) and then take step after step to make it happen.

We call our team “coaches” but really they serve you as a strategist, expert, teacher, accountability partner and a coach rolled up in one.

If you’re looking for a quick once over of your resume or a brush up on your LinkedIn profile – go someplace else.

But if you want ridiculous results and big changes that make your life and work happier and more fulfilling – we’re your peeps!

Interview or Negotiation Coaching Career Change Bootcamp (CCB) Signature Coaching
Paired with a personal career coach

Work with Certified HTYC professional Career Coaches

Type of coaching Single Session Coaching 1:1 Coaching Custom 1:1 Coaching

Curriculum/Program included No CCB Framework CCB + HTYC Course Library

Length of coaching Short time frame 5 Months Custom tailored to support your situation

Includes built-in negotiation support Can purchase as needed

100% tailored to my needs

Budget size

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Not sure which program fits you?

Our team will custom fit the right type of help for your situation. Just pick a time to chat. We will ask you questions and recommend how we can help (or be blatantly up front if we can’t!)

Happen To Your Career Success Stories

The consultant worried about “making the wrong decision” for the next role

"When I started I was afraid of making the wrong decision! My career was incredibly important to me and I didn't want to screw it up or waste time making a move I wouldn't enjoy! Scott helped me learn what my strengths are and what is most important to me… but more important than that I learned about what I can't stop doing that I have to have in my work to make me happy"

Rhushi Bhadkamkar, Senior Consultant, United States/Canada

The graphic designer who wanted to contribute so much more

If you're ready to make the change, if you're willing to give yourself the time that you deserve to figure out what's right for you. If you're willing to take that time, I think Happen To Your Career, and the Figure Out What Fits course, can be great for a lot of people, if you're feeling stuck, and you don't have to bridge that gap to where you are. I think this is a great, great course to really break everything down and give you what you need.

Nicole Mathessen, Art Director, United States/Canada

The PhD who no longer wanted to work in Academia

The transition was so much easier than the last and so much more gratifying because of all that I learned with HTYC

Michal Balass, Social Science Research Analyst, United States/Canada

From faking happiness For 8 years To finding a fulfilling career In 7 months

I think one of the reasons the podcast has been so helpful to me is because you talk to people in different roles, and all of a sudden I have exposure to people in different roles. Talking about why they got there and what they like about it.

Laura Morrison, Senior Product Manager, United States/Canada

The engineer who wanted a promotion, salary increase and career change – All in one

I realized early on in that career transition that if I was going to be able to find a job that was rewarding and in an area I liked, even to just pay rent, I would need help because I wasn’t getting the results I needed I know how to get introduced to people and talk to folks. I’ve done this remote job search thing a few times. What made it different for me though is that it’s not just an opportunity to change location but to change position. It could be not just a lateral move from one city to another but it could also be a promotion. I was moving my career and experience to an area where I went from leading projects to potentially leading teams… Sometimes you can stretch yourself and sometimes you need a team to stretch you beyond your best. I think that’s the biggest value from coaching. You have someone in your corner looking out for your best interests. If they are doing their job as good as Lisa did they are pushing you to be the best version of yourself.

Mike Bigelow, Senior Project Manager, United States/Canada

The UK Professional who wanted out of a negative environment (and to find a positive one!)

I can't thank Happen to Your Career enough for giving me all the tools and resources I needed to understand my strengths and help define how those can best be used within my company.

Laura Parker, Lead Customer Account Manager, United Kingdom

The non-profit Director who no longer wanted to have to “be someone else at work”

I think I'm done toning it down for somebody else. And I feel like I'm going to have a lot of space to be myself to bring like my best whole self. And that it's work that I really care about. I feel like it's work that needs to be done and I'm excited that I get to do it. One of the things that I feel like you guys do really well is to keep us focused on what's right for us! I've told that to friends I've recommended Happen to Your Career to a lot of times!!!

Jackie Yerby, Deputy Health Policy Advisor, United States/Canada