We thought it would be helpful to create a resource page that you can always come to for all of your career needs. We’ll add to it as we learn more, but you’ll notice that in the future we will reference this page quite often. We recommend bookmarking it for your reference and convenience. Enjoy! Disclosure:  Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you decide to make a purchase using the link. I ONLY recommend companies and products that I have personal experiences with and would also recommend to my closest friends and family. I think that you'll love them too!

Career and Self Development Resources


Clifton Strengths (formerly Strengthsfinder 2.0) You succeed because of your natural strengths, not minimizing your weak spots! We use this book for coaching our clients to understand how to uniquely set them up for success. Definitely read the book but the strengths test that comes with it is worth the money alone! DiSC Standard Personality Profile

DiSC Profile: Self Awareness is the most valuable thing you can have. The DiSC profile is one of the easiest ways to understand why you are the way you are and how you naturally communicate. This version from 48 Days is both inexpensive and gives you a comprehensive report (including what the information actually means)

 48 Days to the Work You Love By Dan Miller: Easily one of the best Career Books on the planet. We purchase 3 or 4 at a time to be able to give them away. Get it at 48days.com or at Amazon.com. Either way, just get it! This one can change your life. Listen to when Dan Miller was on the show in Episode 008

The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey: Scott and Alyssa were able to use the info in this book to pay off over $138,000 in debt, build an emergency fund, and get the creative headspace and financial position to start HTYC. You knew it was a financial book already, you didn't know it would help your career!

The Tools we Use for our Business (and Recommend!)

 Tools to create a website

Bluehost: This is the hosting service we use. After doing just a ton of research we went with Bluehost because of the uptime track record and the cost for what you are getting (really inexpensive for as many domains as you want to put on one account!) This allows us to have all kinds of domains for shortlinking and redirects. Here's a set of videos on how to set up a wordpress website using Bluehost!


Weebly: This is the first hosting and editing service we used for HTYC. BY FAR THE EASIEST EDITOR I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED! Their uptime and available features for design, shops, sliders, multimedia, etc are all ridiculously easy to use. You can also set up a site for free with less features.


Divi Theme by Elegant Themes: This is what makes our website look the way that it does. It's super easy to use, inexpensive and gives you total control over your website.  Here's a video to show how we use the Divi theme behind the scenes!

Tools for email and marketing 

Mailchimp: One of the easiest to use email services on the planet. They are free to get started and constantly improving their platform. We often recommend them as a no brainer choice to start out and if your needs evolve you can always change later. (since it's way more important to get started than find the “perfect too”) We started HTYC on Mailchimp and now use it for our FamilyPassport.co brand

Infusionsoft: Not for beginners. This is the platform we use currently for much of our automation and email campaigns. It is an all in one option. As you'd expect from us we negotiated a deal with them. If you're seriously considering infusionsoft as a platform drop us an email at support@happentoyourcareer.com and I will personally introduce you to the rep who gave us the killer deal. 

Zapier: One of my favorite web apps on the planet. It's like duct tape for nearly all webapps. It helps automate a lot of pieces of our business that we used to do manually. It transfers one action  

Leadpages: This helps us create forms and webpages to allow people to subscribe to our email list, opt in to webinars and trainings and A/B test to figure out the very best performing options. It also is what we use in our podcast to allow people to signup by text message. 

Typeform: My favorite interactive survey web app on the planet. It's really really really good! We run everything thru here from market research to job applications. We love it because it fits with our values of creating a really personal interaction with the people who are taking the time to share with us! 

SumoMe: This helps us add people to our email list quickly and easily (for them and us!) Noah Kagan and team also have a whole suite of tools that help you grow your business and start from a very reasonable price. 


Acuity: Scheduling software sent from heaven! We have our entire team on this. When someone schedules their coaching sessions – Acuity! When they need to find out how we can help – Acuity! It does everything AND it's inexpensive!

Sanebox: Separates the important emails from all the rest. This saves me at least 10 hours consistently every single month and costs less than $10 to get started. I call that a good return on investment! 

Webinars and Training 

Zoom: We've tested 11 different Webinar platforms. This is our favorite based on reliability and experience for the audience. It provides easy chat and options to adjust your session however you want. Superior Customer service too!!! You won't be disappointed!


WebinarJam and Everwebinar: We've used both of these for years now. Anytime we need automation to occur after or before a webinar (like certain emails to be sent out for attendees vs. non attendees) then this is our Jam! 


Books we love (more than a little bit!)

The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey: It helps you remove debt from your life. It helped Alyssa and I pay off more than $133,000+ in debt over 3.5 years and take back control of our lives. Powerful stuff for the financial side of your life. More on our journey to pay of debt and how it rocketed my career here on episode 121 of the Happen to Your Career Podcast: What is debt holding you back from?

Influence by Robert Cialdini: One of the best psychology and persuasion books out there. It's masterfully done. It will help you never look at sales, marketing, behavior, and independent thought the same way. 

The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan (from podcast episode 134). It's a productivity book, it's a time management book but more than those two it's a priority execution book. It's one of the best books I've found for combatting the “I don't have enough time” argument that creeps into our heads.