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I want to know what services you have available? How does your coaching work?
You can find links to all our services here or if you’re unsure of the best way we can help, just schedule a call with our team. We will help you identify the best way we can help you in your situation.
I’m interested in interviewing Scott Anthony Barlow or featuring Happen To Your Career in an article, show or podcast – What’s the best way to make that happen?
Just email kathy@happentoyourcareer.com and she will work to help you out based on your time schedule. You can also find photos, quotes and other media appearances at our Media Page
I want to be on the Happen To Your Career Podcast – Are you accepting guests?
Short Answer – No. Longer answer. We do guests for the Happen To Your Career Podcast quite a bit differently. We feature our clients success stories on the show (real people who’ve made seemingly impossible changes) OR we feature guests who are the best in the world at what they do and their topic has a direct impact on careers, happiness, or meaning. Past guests include Dan Pink, Gretchin Rubin, JJ Sutherland, Tom Rath, David Sally (all of which are NYT or WSJ bestselling authors in their respective categories.) So if you are the best in the world in your category and feel you have something to contribute, fill out the contact form and let us know.
I want to be on the How To Become A Career Coach Podcast – Are you accepting guests?
The How To Become A Career Coach Podcast is run in seasons and we fill up our spots very quickly. We are looking for coaches who Work as a coach (or in a coaching business) full time Have grown their business to near or above six figures Have interesting stories to share how they got there (and are willing to share specific details) both the high and low points.
I want to write a guest post for y’all. How do I do that?
We are not currently accepting guest posts. Please feel free to check back here for updates.