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If you have ever driven into work thinking, is this all there is…

or ever wanted more out of your job or your life this is the audio course for you! Maybe you’ve been chasing up the corporate ladder and recently realized that it wasn’t really what you wanted or maybe you done a bunch of jobs and you get really excited about them and then after the honeymoon period wears off you realize that it’s just not what you thought it was going to be!
I’m Scott Anthony Barlow from Happen to Your Career and Happentoyoucareer.com
We run business that helps you with exactly that. I want you to figure out exactly what fits you, whether that’s a job or crafting the right business for you. I want you to stop living the life that someone else told you was going to be great and start today figuring out what you actually want.
This podcast is setup as a series of 8  audio classes teaching you how to figure out what you really what to be doing for your work and your life. My intent behind everything that we do is to teach you how to take control of your journey so that you can live a life that is unapologetically you!
We will break down the process that we use in our premium course also called Figure Out What Fits and show you exactly what we do with our coaching clients by taking just one step at a time!

What you will learn

  1. Start Here: What’s the Figure Out What Fits Podcast all about!
  2. Why can’t you figure out what you want: Understanding the problem
  3. What’s stopping you right now: Mental Barriers and Fears you didn’t even know you had!
  4. Signature Strengths: What you do better than almost anyone else!
  5. How to find Your Strengths
  6. Stop doing Someone else’s version: What you want in your life
  7. How to decide what’s great for you: Your Filter
  8. What makes you move forward!
  9. What Now: Taking the next step?

Start Here: How to use the What Fits You Audio Course!

1. Understanding the Problem: Why you're not doing work that matters to you!

2. Mental Barriers: What to do about them (and the ones you don't know you have)

3. Signature Strengths: What you do better than almost anyone else (yes really!)

4. How to find your strengths

5. Stop doing someone else's life: Figure Out What you really want in life!

7. How to decide what's great for you: Your Filter

8. What Next: Now that you've figured it out (or if you haven't)

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