Have We Met Before?

Question time!

Would you commit years of your life to someone who you’ve just met and only spent just hours with?

Of course not!

Except that most of us have (including me!)

Think about it, this is often what happens when we say “Yes” to jobs.

We see or hear about an opportunity, we do a bit of research on their website, maybe look at a few of the articles about the company’s “social contributions” and then we go to the interviews.

Ahh… the interviews:

How much do you think they really get to know you during that process?

How well do you really get to know them?

And yet after spending just hours with our future boss and coworkers, we make a commitment that often leads to spending many hours a day for years of our lives with these people.

Even if the company has done a great job really making sure that you are the right person for the job, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right company for you.

This means that it’s your responsibility and not anyone else’s to make sure you’re doing due diligence that this is the right job for you!

Companies will offer you jobs that aren’t right for you, especially if you’re a high performer and halfway decent at interviewing.

Every single person we’ve ever helped accept a job offer that’s right for them gets to the point of wondering “is this the right opportunity for me.”

It’s not easy to answer that question but to get work you love doing that may mean saying “no” to multiple wrong job opportunities.

Some people call their friends that work there for the real scoop or visit Glassdoor.com.

I want to hear what’s worked for you to learn more about a company and it’s people to make sure it’s the right role for you.

Leave a comment at the bottom of the page sharing what you’ve done that’s worked best for you!  Let’s create a list or resource with ideas for everyone to use.

Make sure to leave a comment, I will read every single one!