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Who Should Apply to Professional Career Coach Training?

you’re interested in becoming a career coach and wondering how to make this career path possible for you.

✔ YES. You should apply and schedule a conversation with our Director of Student Success

You’ll get to ask questions and get a personalized plan during your initial conversation before proceeding through the rest of the acceptance process.

If you’ve already started coaching and want to master your coaching technique and grow a successful coaching business

✔ You should definitely apply – If you’re accepted into the program, we can help you double your efforts and also understand where to focus your time and energy

If you already have paying clients but want to bring in more

✔ You should apply (and ask specifically about the business growth track!)

If accepted into the program this will help you understand how to set up a long term business that is continuously growing!

What happens after I apply

You’ll get a link to schedule a conversation with our Director of Student Success. We schedule this first conversation for 3 helpful reasons help you decide if you want to keep progressing through the acceptance process.

  1. We will cover your goals and reasons for becoming a career coach (you’ll leave understanding if you should keep moving down that path
  2. We help you create a plan for the most effective way to reach your goals (This is going to help you tremendously even if you’re not in PCC)
  3. We will be incredibly up front with you about whether we think you should keep moving on with the application and acceptance process for PCC (and about whether it’s right for you and you’re right for it)

We’re going to help either way. If you aren’t right for PCC, we’ll suggest other resources for you. If your situation is right and we believe that you would be a great candidate, we will keep going through the acceptance process.



When does it begin?

Program Begins September 24, 2020, with the first group training taking place on Wednesday @ Noon PST. But we stop accepting applications September 18, 2020.

Do you accept anyone who applies?

We have very limited spots this year and usually accept 10-20 people per cohort. We only accept people we believe will be successful in the program (and then we bend over backwards to help make them successful!)

How long is the every other week group training class?

2 Hours each session. Long enough to go deep but still manageable on most schedules. We’ve found most people prefer this to every week for an hour. An optional 45 minute “coaching lab” is available in between weeks for additional support.

Is there any advice on online marketing, website building etc, or marketing templates including?

Yes! Part of Section 3 of the Program involves building your business (especially Marketing & Technology).  In the Program, we focus on how can we deliver the most essential coaching practices to you and give you that information which you can access at any time.  Think of a “box” filled with Marketing, Business and Website goodies of information that you can pull out and use anytime when first starting out to years into your coaching business.

How much time should I anticipate spending each week?

The entire program is structured for between 5-10 hours of work and actions each week. That said we find that the more time that you put into the program the faster you develop your skills OR build your business. This is especially as you enter the business launch stage of the program (where it’s focused on your first customers and building your business) the more time you put in, the faster you will get results (from what we typically see). This is because at this stage the work is directly on your business or practice.

Additionally we also see that what people put into it they get out of it when learning to coach or building a business.

Lastly we see that for some people in some areas, it just takes longer/shorter.  For example anything that I have to do that involves writing just takes me twice as long as the average human being. There will be some of those individual factors but we've created it with the 5-7 hours in mind.