Want meaningful work that also pays well? Yes Please!!!

Have you ever wondered if there could be more out there for you? Spoiler alert: there is! This book is for you if you want to do meaningful work that leverages your strengths and experience.

This book is for you if you want to make a career change without going back to school or taking a step down.

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Tim, Amazon Reviewer

Happen To Your Career is a thought provoking guide that allows you to take tangible actions to change your career from burnout to amazing.”

-Vanessa Van Edwards, Bestselling
Author of Captivate and Cues
Author Vanessa Van Edwards

What Readers Are Saying…

“Happen to Your Career is a road-tested map for moving from a burned-out, fed-up mess to a delightfully ‘Happy High Achiever.’

Jenny Blake, podcaster and author of Free Time, Pivot, and Life After College

“Happen to Your Career helps you to identify the ways you can move from a good life to a great life.”

Lee Cockerell, author of Creating Magic and former EVP of Walt Disney World® Resort

“Happen to Your Career reveals what makes work meaningful and inspires you with the stories of those who have found career happiness.”

Dave Stachowiak, Host, Coaching for Leaders podcast

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