Career Change Bootcamp Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most commonly asked questions we’ve had over the last 8 years. These will help you figure out if Career Change Bootcamp is right for you!

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Career Change Bootcamp Reviews

The way you guys have Career Change Bootcamp laid out just makes it easier to move through the process because the steps are in such a way that it's clear. It's that extra support to help you move through the process!

Kristy Wenz, CCB Coaching Client

Will it work for me? Who else is in the Bootcamp?

We’ve had Creatives, Scientists, Business People, Dentists, Stockbrokers, Lawyers, C-Suite, Finance, Pharmacists, Operations People, Entry Level. If you can think of a role, we’ve probably successfully helped someone in that category!

Even HR people (but they are a hard breed to deal with!) J/K – I worked in HR for years 😉 ! 

Seriously though, everyone always wants to know will it work for “My specific situation”. The reality is that we’ve worked with more professions than you knew existed, in hundreds of industries and Sectors. We’ve yet to find a situation where what we teach doesn’t apply! 

That said, if you’re looking for an entry level role that pays close to minimum wage, then CCB is likely NOT for you. Most of our material is targeted toward people who have a bit of experience under their belt (if you’re fresh out of college last year it’s probably not a good fit). 

Instead if you do have professional experience in any role AND are willing to put in the work, we can help you find work that you love doing and fits you!

I’ve done all the assessments and I’m still not sure what my ideal career fit is. How will CCB help?

This is true for most people. You might have taken MBTI, DiSC, True Colors, or Strengths Finder, you have your results. They sound good, but then what do you actually do with it?

In Career Change Bootcamp we do use Clifton Strengths Finder but only as a place to start.

We then help you understand not just what you are great at, but what you most enjoy and have the potential to be great at.

Then we take this information and help you translate it into what will work for you. Also to use your strengths and gifts to get the attention of the people that can hire you or create jobs for you.

Here is an incredibly basic example: If you’re an amazing writer but struggle with conversation on the phone, we are likely to have your first interaction with employers be written rather than over the phone.

We help you take your strengths, experiences and “assets” as a person and use these to connect to companies AND show them how you can help them in the process.

I have a wedding (or a vacation, bot mitzvah, or really important haircut) coming up. What if I miss a week?

Years ago, early clients that went through the program demanded flexibility for their busy lives (ok really they asked very politely and were super nice about it) but we have structured the bootcamp so that you can intentionally speed it up or slow it down.

We’ve also designed the program so that you actually have lifetime access to the material. This means that you can never get behind!

Your coach will work with you to make sure that you’re working at the right pace for you! and if you have a question about whether you have the right pace, just drop them an email. 

After you enroll, you will schedule a kickoff session with your coach and they will help you structure the program around your schedule. 

When to slow it down: When you have events that are coming up that may cause you to miss a week or two OR you have less than 5 hours to work on your career change each week. If this is the case you just drop an email to your CCB coach and they help you get on the correct learning plan.

When to speed it up: If you’re trying to make your career change in less than 90 days and have time to do the extra work to make it happen OR if you are just an over achiever and can’t help yourself.

Is it smart to find a new job/company in a down economy?

In 2008 -2010 (the worst most recent past downturn) I personally made 2 big career changes. What I learned from that experience is that just because many organizations are experiencing down times does NOT mean all organizations are experiencing downturn. In fact exactly the opposite. 

There are always high performers that are doing just fine finding new roles and companies no matter what the economy is. 

Those same people are NOT doing what everyone else does (applying online and waiting) during a down economy it’s even more important that you’re using more effective methods of 1) Defining what you want for your next career step – so you know where to begin looking and 2) searching, building relationships, and connecting to the companies and roles.

That’s why we build far more effective methods of search into Career Change Bootcamp and why you have a personal career coach to help guide you through all the twists and turns that I promise will come your way. 

Of course you really have 3 choices: 

1) Give up on your career change because of external economy circumstances (This seems like a terrible option to me personally)

2) Go it alone (As I mentioned above, I’ve done this, long before I was an expert at it, you can do it, we see that people going it alone either end up in the wrong job and contact us 6 months after that or they take much much longer)

3) Have help – Working with us speeds up the timing and makes this change possible for you (as any good investment should!)


My brother says I can get this information free on the internet? Why would I pay for this program?

No offense to your brother, uncle, friend, or neighbor but most of what you’re paying for is not the information. It’s paying for our team and resources to help you apply the information. Which is the real hard part.

Very few people come out of our program and say “they had the best information” (even though we do have some of the world’s most effective approaches and strategies) instead they say, HTYC was amazing and they helped me exactly where I needed it most, even before I knew I needed it. Their coaching helped me change my life” 

What this means: Application, NOT information, is how people are successful!

That said, we have purchased most “comparable” programs out there and our team has collectively consumed thousands of hours worth of  “free” sets of information. We don’t see the exact same methods being taught. Particularly the principles about how to understand, adapt and communicate your strengths and how to use those to build relationships with those people who can help you or hire you!

Your brother is right though about one thing. Nearly every piece of information is available on the internet.

It’s a big place. I personally believe that your and my time is too valuable to spend hundreds of hours (we personally have spent many years) searching for the “best” information. Which is why we put it all in one place, into a curriculum that we’ve developed and tested. Also it complements the coaching that you will experience perfectly!


Plus aside from our own world class career coaches, we bring in the very best career experts to teach sessions that we have recorded and made available to you. 

Lastly, as far as we can tell (and we’ve looked), there is no other program like this in the world that combines together the best research on career happiness with positive psychology and the worlds best career change coaching to set yourself up for a complete life change. 

Of course that’s only when you join CCB!


I feel like this is my “last chance” to get my career “right?” Will this help?

It’s completely normal to feel that way whether you’re in the first 10 years of your career or getting ready to retire.

Short answer: Yes it will help. Absolutely. This is why most people come to us. We are really, really good at helping people do work they are excited about.


Longer answer: This really isn’t your “last chance”.


Once you begin to learn the process that we teach, you begin to realize that your career is a constant tweaking process, so that you’re always developing your life and work to be better than it was before.

We call this process the puzzle method. We combine this with intentional continuous development for your career. That way even after this career change you can use this process for the entire rest of your life to always move yourself to a situation that makes you happy.

I’m not sure if I want to begin a business of my own or make a change to a different career/company. Will this help me decide?

CCB will help you decide. It helps you get clear on both your strengths AND what is most important to you in your life and career.

Since building your own business is often a marathon (not a sprint) we also find that for 85% of the people we work with, it’s usually best to first work on creating a situation for yourself that allows you successfully build a business on the side.

This is especially true if you need/want to continue to have income coming in when you’re starting to build your business.

Also we see about 10-15% of people that go through CCB and decide that they want to start a business on the side or create a business later on. 

That’s exactly why we’ve included a separate course that we normally sell for $497 as a bonus when you enroll right now. *See the bonuses above for more info on Side Biz MBA. 

Either way, we’ve got you covered. We’ve been doing this for years, we’ve pretty much thought of everything so that you don’t have to [Awkward Wink]!


I’m not in the USA, will this help me?

Cool. About one third of our students in Career Change Bootcamp are also like you: In other countries.

France, Portugal, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, all over the United Kingdom… just to name a few!!!

We also have a lot of people that are from other countries but are now in the USA or from the USA but now live in other countries. 

Most people think there are MASSIVE differences between how you get a job from one geographical region to the next, however since it’s always people (real live human beings) that make the hiring decisions, there are far less differences than what you think.

That said, we still have brought in experts from other countries to be able to share the differences during our Monthly expert webinars. You can watch all of those sessions in the CCB bonus vault.

One example of that is Margaret Buj, who is a European interview coach. She came on to teach us both the most effective methods to help you interview and what the “actual” differences are from one country to the next.

Join a global community and get the help that you need! Let’s do this already! 


I want to join now but start a little later, Is that ok?

Roughly 25% of our students do exactly that. They might have vacation to Greece coming up or a family obligation and it just makes sense to start a little later.

If you’re enrolling early but starting later: We simply have you enroll and then schedule your kickoff call, when you plan to start with your coach (so it’s on the calendar) and that way you have a specific time and next step in place for when/how to begin. 

They choose to do this for 2 main reasons: 

1. Increasing Price: As we continue to make CCB more and more valuable over the years, we’ve raised the price of enrollment. We’ve now done this 5 total times. Some students prefer to enroll at a lower price point and start when it makes more sense for them. 

2. Spend Energy Elsewhere: To some it sounds crazy, but to those that pay close attention to their mental bandwidth and energy levels it often makes a lot of sense to have a plan in place for an area of your life, even if you can’t start right away. This allows your brain and body to focus elsewhere and you’re not accidentally using energy because you’re unconsciously “trying to figure out what to do” all the time. In my personal experience, having a solid plan for an area of your life or career provides back priceless brain space. Many of our new students agree and that’s why they enroll before they plan to start. 


So if there is no CCB “class”, how does this work?

CCB is a 1 to 1 coaching program that uses the included 8 part online course as our curriculum. That means you get to participate from the comfort of your own home on your computer. It also means that you get to learn about new concepts ideas and methods and then work with your coach to apply them. I mean, what’s the very best way to write that “thank you” note anyway, and should I send it snail mail or email because the person I met is going on vacation???? Or how do I start applying my strengths and what I already know about myself? And how do I translate that to a career that I love?

We’ve got your answers.

Also the “student site” is completely mobile so you can even listen to the lessons on your commute in the car if you like.

Since you’re also paired up with a coach, you will be using zoom. phone or another way to connect for your mock interview coaching, negotiations coaching, or other types of coaching sessions.

You simply choose the amount of coaching support (2x, 3x, or 4x per month) that best fits your preferences, style and budget and then we get you going. 

For the resume reviews, you will send over a copy of your resume and the types of job descriptions that you’re most interested in (after you’ve figured that part out of course!) then your coach will make you a personalized video stepping you thru exactly where you can get the most leverage out of your resume. (what to change and how to tailor it for each position)

If I do really good in Career Change Bootcamp will you name your next kid after me?

With 3 children already, Alyssa and I are pretty much done having kids, but we will put your name into consideration for future pets, boats, and vacation homes.

Oh… we do also love to showcase our client’s success stories to help inspire others to take action toward a career they love. How about we help you make an inspiring, fulfilling badass change and then we tell the world how great you did (the world might be a little jealous though, most people aren’t enamored with their jobs like you will be!) 

I’m not sure how much coaching I need. Which package is right for me?

This is one of the most common questions we help people with conversations on the phone or zoom. You can schedule a conversation with our team by clicking here 

But if you’re not ready to talk to another human being about CCB, then here’s some of the questions we use to help our clients find the right packages. 

Are you more accountable when there is another person involved (ie. Your Coach)? If so I would suggest more frequent support (either weekly or bi-weekly).

Do you benefit more from having routine? or more from just getting coaching occasionally when you need it? If you benefit from having a routine (I know that I do, I have to have everything weekly so I don’t get off track) then I would recommend the 2x or 4x/month package for coaching.   

Do you need mostly the framework and information and then you immediately jump to decisions/action? Or do you benefit from having a person to talk through your challenges with? If you have a long track record of being able to simply adapt the information to immediate action that gets you results, consider the 2x/month package, however if you benefit tremendously from having a professional guide you through more of this process (or you keep finding yourself stuck in the same loops) consider the 4x/month package?

Most people we work with find the Career Change Bootcamp Masters Package (Coaching 4x/month) to be the most valuable. The Masters is our most popular package. We tend to find that the All Inclusive (Guaranteed package with unlimited coaching support) is right for about 15-20% of the people we work with. 


What if I want to change my package part way through the program?

I’m so glad you asked!

You can upgrade at any point in time. 

After you finish CCB, you also get access to alumni pricing on future coaching (this means that if you decide you want more help beyond the initial program length, you get a pretty hefty discount on additional coaching!)

You can just email at any time to upgrade your package or add additional coaching beyond the program.


What if I want more support after the program ends?

We estimate that about 30% of our clients want support, including accountability and coaching, beyond the CCB program. 

If this is you too, that’s totally ok. We offer 2 different ways to receive longer support. 

When you schedule your conversation/Pre-CCB Help Call: Ask our team about what your options are for longer support specific to your situation. They can help you custom create a package that’s right for you. if you haven’t yet scheduled a call to find out if CCB is right for you you can do that here 

After completing CCB: We offer a significant alumni discount on additional coaching (that way you’re never left hanging if you need additional support)

You can just email at any time to upgrade your package or add additional coaching beyond the program.


I’m trying to get my partner on board with my career change. Any tips?

Uh Yes… Most of this is learned through experience of doing this one wrong first and then later doing it right. 

First and foremost. I believe it’s important to acknowledge that your partner probably cares about you and wants the best for you, so if you haven’t yet “gotten them on board” it’s probably because you haven’t made it easy for them to do so. 

Yes I know this is probably not fun to hear, but here’s an example. 

If I go to my wife, Alyssa (which I have) and tell her this:

“I’m not happy at work, I want to make a career change. I don’t really know exactly what I want to do or how I’m going to get there but I want to spend a lot of money on a program from this guy on the internet so that he can fix all my issues”

I probably shouldn’t be surprised when Alyssa is not supportive! (But what about unconditional love…no?) 

Instead if I tell her “I have something that is really important to me that I’d like to discuss with you, could we make time to talk about it?” Most loving and caring partners say “Yes” Alyssa and many other partners of our students have. 

Then you share with them what you’re experiencing and why you want to make a change.

This might sound like: “Since you and I spend the majority of our days at work, I really want to be using that time on something that I am excited about and is not just a better fit for me, but also for us. I’d like to make a career change and I recognize that unless I make the time to put in the work and the effort it’s not going to happen. This is something that is really important to me because… INSERT WHY IT’S IMPORTANT TO YOU. I need your support on this to make it happen because it’s not going to be easy.” 

Spouses/Partners if you’re reading this and later hear these words, this is the part where you lean in and say “Ok tell me more about what that means?” in the most compassionate way you can muster (or at the very least put down your phone and look them in the eye when they’re trying to share dreams with you!!!)

This should get you started in a discussion about what support looks like. 

What we’ve learned by working with literally thousands of people on their careers is that if you don’t have spouse/partner support then it often causes you to move slower or to get stuck.  

Oh and one other tip: 

We’ve had countless people email us and say “I showed the frequently asked questions page to my partner, it was so helpful to answer their questions” 

So you could also send this page over to them! We’ve even had some people go through the program at the same time as their spouse, (psst ask about the partner packages if this is something you’re considering) 

Otherwise do yourself a favor and send your partner this link to take a look at to make it easy on you and them


What if my partner or spouse isn’t on board?

 This may be harsh, but don’t register for CCB until they are on board. 

This is true regardless of whether or not you share bank accounts or have CCB in the budget. 

The reason I say this is because we have good evidence (based on our past students results) that if you don’t have a partner fully on board to support you through this change, you’re going to move slowly (or not at all) 

***Spouses if you’re reading this just know that our data tells us that the more supportive you are that the more your partner gets paid, which is often helpful to you too!

It’s well worth having the conversation with your partner to help them understand what support from them means for you and why this change is so important to you (and how it will help you AND your partner!) – See the Answer above for tips on how to have this convo

If you’re unsure how to go about it, I would suggest sending this page to them to help answer their questions.

If they still have questions you could bring them along (only if they’re willing) to your Help call with our team and our team or coaches can answer all of their (and your) questions about CCB or what goes into making a career change like this. 

You can schedule a Help Call Conversation here 


Why do you say your career change coaches are “Best in the World”? How do you know?

As I’ve built this company, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting thousands of coaches and even mentoring and working with hundreds of those to help them become better at coaching and running a coaching business. 

We’ve also learned what skills, experiences, and strengths make the best coaches for the people we help. We’ve learned that it’s actually a really rare person that not only is a very experienced coach, has the ability to recognize patterns and strengths in others, is able to consistently get results for their clients AND also is adept at helping our students perform at their very best. 

This means that there are very few coaches in the world to start with that are really great at what we do and can help with such a huge range of needs from our clients.

This also means that we turn down A LOT of coaches that really want to work with us. This includes turning away many world reknowned coaches that are interested in working with us. 

For the coaches that we do choose to bring aboard we spend many months validating that they actually know their stuff. You should see our application process, it’s intense. 

Plus we’ve discovered that there are coaches that know “what to do” but haven’t lived it and don’t understand exactly what it’s like to go through the situations that our students go through. We aren’t interested in those coaches. 

This means that we only ever consider coaches that go through a rigorous evidence based process showing that they can “walk the walk” and have actually been there. 

The ones that we interview are already the top 1% of the top Career Change coaches out there. Then we select the very best from there. 

We believe that the top .01% qualifies as “Best in The World” and you can see it in all the results from past students who have made transitions to meaningful work they love doing. 

You say that this bootcamp is about results right? Well what are some of the results other people have acheived working with Happen to Your Career.

I’m so glad you asked (because this is the question I ask quite a bit when I’m choosing to work with someone who I haven’t worked with before.

We have pages and pages of stories/notes from people we’ve worked with. At this point we’ve worked with thousands of people and have had hundreds of people through the bootcamp.

Click Here to see examples of people from Career Change Bootcamp and what they had to say about working with us! or there are several examples above!

Otherwise you should know that we guarantee that you make your career change in less than six months after you complete CCB. If haven’t made your career change or you’re not getting offers in 6 months we will personally get on the phone with you so that we can help you diagnose what’s going wrong.

Nobody else can offer a guarantee like that. Trust me my team has researched all the “top programs”, my eyes hurt from reading all the spreadsheets where we store the information.  

People think I’m crazy for offering that type of guarantee of results. I just have plenty of evidence to know that when you do what we teach, it works. Period. 

Which means it’s not really a risk for me either. 

Hey are we still answering questions? Let’s get you making this change already!!!!





Email our Career Change Bootcamp Team at  and we will get you an answer.

Career Changer Bootcamp Success Stories

With Phillip's help, I was able to believe that this is the area that I should be in because I just feel a lot of passion towards it. And the aspects of "what if I'm not paid enough, after transferring into this new field?" HTYC motivated me to not be afraid of those things, and just keep looking and connecting with people.

Vicky Meng, Treasury & Finaincial Analysis, United States/Canada

The way you guys have it laid out it just, it makes it easier to move through the process, because the steps are laid out such a way that it's clear. It's that extra support to help you move through the process that helps you move through the program.

Kristy Wenz, Chief Communications Officer, United States/Canada

Thank you both for inspiring me to always ask, "Why NOT me?" and stick to my values for what I want for my life. I couldn't be happier and more excited for this new life!

Lisa Schulter, Special Projects Manager, United States/Canada

I think one of the reasons the podcast has been so helpful to me is because you talk to people in different roles, and all of a sudden I have exposure to people in different roles. Talking about why they got there and what they like about it.

Laura Morrison, Senior Product Manager, United States/Canada

One of the most key things we talked about was feeling instead of thinking, I would think all the time, about this and that, I would just take time to feel. That is the key for really understanding where you are supposed to be and what you love.

Kelly , Leadership Recruiter, United States/Canada

Nadia Career Change HTYC

If you're stuck, if you want to know what to do, go listen to this podcast, it will change your life. And I was thinking, "great, okay." And then of course, I go to the website, and everything that I read, it was like, "Yes, this is what I've been looking for."

Nadia , Support Team Coordinator, United Kingdom


If you’re finally ready to make the difference in your life that you’ve been waiting for, here are several truths that always help me when I’m standing on the precipice of decisions that can change my entire trajectory in life.

I always ask myself these questions:

1. What would this change mean for me in my life? (What does investing this time/money/energy in myself get me in my life?)

2. Will I be able to make this change on my own in the way that I want to? (This is where you have to be blatantly honest with yourself!)

3. What type of help do I need to make this change?

If after answering these questions, you find that making a change to your career to challenging work that is meaningful to you and pays you well would make a big difference in your life, or that aligning your career with who you are would allow you to live in the way you truly want to, then I would encourage you to join us right now in Career Change Bootcamp.

In as little as 90 seconds from now, you can have an entire team that’s done this with thousands of other people just like you at your service to help you with everything you need to succeed.


Commit to yourself and your career.

-Scott Anthony Barlow, Founder and CEO of Happen to Your Career

Any other questions? Contact us at any time at or call (856) 878-2400

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