The Burnt Out Television and Media Professional Who Wanted Fulfilling and Flexible Work

Tanya Malcolm-Revell went from being in an incredibly difficult situation, relocating to a new city, to getting her ideal job at the company that was at the very top of her “dream companies to work for” list.

It wasn’t easy, because she didn’t know anyone in London, her new location, and she didn’t want another professional job that wasn’t going to make her happy just because it would pay the bills.

So how did she go from the unfulfilling work that she had been in for years all the way to interviewing with her top companies when nobody else was getting an interview?

  • Tanya did the upfront work of translating what she was great at to opportunities that she was excited about.
  • She began spending her time focused only her dream companies (Instead of surfing the internet)
  • She experienced a huge #1 realization about how to get into her dream companies (that she hadn’t ever considered before)
  • A massive mindset switch had to take place to allow her to make a move
  • Solving the problem that was preventing her from accidentally accepting another job that didn’t fit


Dialing into Your Network to Land Your Next Career
with Tanya Malcom Revel



Tanya had worked for years in New York City as a professional in television production. She had been all over the industry from doing marketing to being a tour manager.

She kept taking on different projects or roles because even though her jobs sounded exciting from the outside, she didn’t find them fulfilling. For almost 10 years she moved from one situation to the next taking different opportunities not finding the impact she wanted to have on the world (and even less fulfillment).

This continued until her and her husband decided they were going to relocate to a new area.

“I couldn’t go another day saying I am not happy or I don’t like my job or don’t want to go to work today, I was over that. I spent way too much time thinking of the negatives. All I could do was focus on me in the positive and the future.”


Tanya started out on her own trying to find jobs and get interviews through a more conventional means (online applications)

Not only was it not working, the responses she was getting were sending her down exactly the wrong path.

Toward work that was more of the same. This led her feeling scattered and not having a clear plan.

“I sat down and said I refuse to fall into my old ways. I need to think about what I want out of my next position. I felt that years and years in NYC because it’s all about the next job and who knows you.

I thought I should slow down and evaluate where I am. I tried to do it on my own but realized I was going nowhere fast. The job searches were leading me and were scattered. I didn’t know where and how to focus and was getting more and more frustrated. As I looked at the calendar time was flying by and I was getting bummed out.”

She realized that unless she had an extremely clear idea of what work and companies would fit her then she would continue running in circles.



Tanya realized that it was absurd for her to keep responding to job postings, getting excited about opportunities that popped up on LinkedIn or random other jobs that were available.

These just took up her time and the interviews she did get weren’t what she wanted anyways. She knew there had to be a much more intentional way to go about the process.

“That has been the biggest revelation. I will never go for a job because it’s on some random LinkedIn job blast and it sounds good. Other than me focusing on companies I know I will be appreciated in, able to grow, and be able to work in a collaborative environment. A big part for me was having a flexible work schedule.”

Instead she would focus on the companies that she really was excited about and knew that offered the flexibility that she wanted while being surrounded by people who appreciated what she had to offer.

There was only one problem with that…



Tanya knew that she absolutely had to define what she wanted and then stop wasting her precious time blasting away applications to companies that she had no idea whether or not they actually fit.

And here’s the reality: it’s difficult to learn what you want most let alone identifying which organizations are a match for that and will appreciate you when you get there!

Plus even if you do all that work it’s hard to know how to put yourself in a position to get offered meetings, interviews and jobs with those organizations

“I didn’t know how to position myself and focus on what I wanted…”

It was clear to Tanya that she would need to do something different. She was already frustrated and not moving forward as quickly as she wanted to and she knew that the clock wasn’t going to stop ticking while she figured this out on her own.

She was afraid if she didn’t do something differently that she would still be in the exact same place 3 months from now. This meant she had to get some help.

She hopped on google and began looking for resources. Somehow she came across Happen to Your Career and attended one of our trainings.

That’s where it became obvious she could make this possible with the right help.



Much like how it’s very difficult to give yourself a back massage, it’s also incredibly difficult to see your blind spots and know what you don’t know.

It’s also much easier to get help from someone that knows how to find career happiness inside and out AND how to go and get it once you find it!

Tanya benefitted greatly from having an expert to help her know exactly what to focus on and to keep her on track!

“I was talking to my husband and said I feel like this is the first time I’ve found someone or something that is going to make me focus and my purpose”

Tanya often wasn’t sure how to get started. Or where to spend her time, or how to contact someone, or the best way to prep for interviews or how to negotiate a job offer, but she was sure of one thing.

She was willing to put in the work as long as she could have our coaches and community help her know where to direct her efforts.

“Ultimately putting in the work and effort, really paying attention to myself, thoughts, and gut on what worked and didn’t throughout my career, my wants, what I was looking for, my motivations, my minimums, ideals, etc. and putting it on paper. It’s not rocket science, it’s me, but it helped put me into perspective.

It helped me put myself in a different light evaluating my needs and wants. I could see myself through a bigger lens. I was able to properly position myself in this career transition which was the missing key.”



Tanya made connections with many of the companies on her dream companies list. These were organizations she didn’t feel like she had any easy connection to when she started and after learning how to build relationships and get introductions from the right people in CCB she was able to put herself in a position where she started getting meetings, interviews and later a job offer with the organization she was most excited about, a company called Wanderlust.

“I targeted Wanderlust. After I had the profile I knew I wanted to work for them. There were a few other places on my list but it was always key and number one. I did everything you coached us to do. The reach outs the massaging your network to get introductions and being bold and forward. I do that in my job but was hesitant to do it in my search.”

This meant she didn’t have to compete against thousands of other people for jobs online. It also meant she didn’t have to compromise on what was most important to her.

When you don’t compromise on your values and get paid well because of it, this leads you down the road to happiness in your career.

“I don’t like taking the tube during rush hour; I don’t know many that do, but having the schedule to work from home when I want and go into the office when I want. They are completely fine with that and I did a couple fist pumps in the air when I heard it. More importantly is working with people whose values are aligned with mine. I got everything I wanted; not one or two but everything.


Tanya got everything she wanted from a job! Do you want to discover your ideal work and learn to make it so your dream companies MUST have you!