Laura McClernon

Career Coach

Career Coach, mom, wife, long-term friendship keeper, runner, and a sometimes self-determined DIY-er.


I started my career in international market research, where I got to experience what it was like to have dispersed and diverse teams working on the same projects. When I decided that role this was no longer a fit, I went into quarter-life crisis job search mode. It was through the many mistakes and pitfalls in that process that I started to put the pieces together of what did work for making a career change (Hint: it is not applying to your 11th job of the day online).

During career change process, I read several books on career change. I remember reading that a very small percentage of the population is working in roles they viewed as a ‘great fit’ and ‘passionate play.’ I didn’t know how to get to that place at that time, but I knew that was where I wanted to be.

As a military spouse, I’ve moved 7 times in 12 years to different corners of the country and world. Change has been one of the only constants in my life and I am grateful for all that has taught me.

I started career coaching in a formal capacity in 2019 with career-pivoting software engineers. I found that I loved the intersection of being both a consultant and a coach and providing both the strategy and the push that clients need to make meaningful changes in their personal and professional lives.

When I am not coaching, you’ll find me reading “Pout-Pout Fish” to my young kids, planning my next Hawaii adventure (where I call home for now), or out for a run.


  • The Big Leap” – Gay Hendricks – This book really opened my eyes to the difference between a Zone of Excellence vs. a Zone of Genius.
  • The Last Lecture” – Randy Pausch- There are many books out there that talk about regrets at end of life, but this one is a reflection on a life well lived.
  • …and not “Pout-Pout Fish”


In 2016 I moved to Bahrain which is a tiny, lesser-known country in the Middle East. One of the biggest adjustments to life there is that the work week is Sunday – Thursday. It seemed strange at first but then somehow my brain and life adjusted to the shift.


Strengths Finder Top 5:

  • Individualization
  • Winning Others Over (WOO)
  • Includer
  • Communication
  • Futuristic


Enneagram: Type 9

Why I work with HTYC:  

I want to change the way people think about their work lives and help them see what can be possible. I’m in the small percent of people who truly love what they do, and I want to make more room in this space for those who have finally found their fit! Finding a career you love AND fits your ideal lifestyle can be possible. I’m proof of it.

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