HTYC Mindset: Identify the results you want FIRST!

If you’re the average person you allow your career to happen to you. You get out of College with your degree that someone said would give you a good job, get into your first job and realize that it’s different than you expected.

Eventually all the newness has worn off and you realize that you don’t like it and the things your coworkers are saying about it being hump day and counting down to the weekend are starting to sound like the truth.

And that’s exactly when you need HTYC approach. Otherwise you are going to take advantage of another opportunity that’s available to you and repeat the cycle.

Watch this video for the three areas to make a decision in to get to what you really want!

HTYC Mindset: Determine Where you want to go First and then decide to get there
Happen to Your Career Mindset Don't Do jobs you Dread

The HTYC approach covers three areas of your career

What you want to do

Where you want to do it

Why you want to do it

What you want to do

Strengths, Personality, Experiences,

Where you want to do it

What geographical areas, what companies, work from home,

Why you want to do it

Your situation: Family, obligations, values, goals, expectations, etc.

Once you make a decision in each of these areas your mind begins to work on the problem differently. the second you draw a line in the sand and say “this is what I want” you can start building a plan to get there.

It’s difficult for most people to get to this stage because they are afraid of choosing the wrong thing or “just not sure what their passion is” so they choose nothing instead.

The irony is that for you to determine what you enjoy and what you have the potential to be amazing at, you have to try new things, for you to try new things you have to make a decision what to try! If its the wrong decision all you have to do is try something new!

Your Situation Changes over time

I thought I was going to be a high powered VP of HR somewhere. This could have made me happy and fit my personality, strengths and experiences. But it doesn’t fit my why. My family situation, goals and the experiences that I valued changed in the last five years.

My wife and I had a couple more kids, we moved back to our hometown Moses Lake WA and then we took time to decide what we valued.

It wasn’t the travel, it wasn’t the money, it wasn’t a whole bunch of other stuff.

We realized that our wants and needs had changed and that we had not changed course along with them. So I set about to chart a career that did fit with what made sense for our situation.

What to do Next

I would highly recommend that you spend just a little time to think about what you want.

If your current course doesn’t line up with this, chart a new voyage! Even if you make the wrong decision you can simply adjust course

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