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How different was what you described from what your reality is today?

My guess is that it wasn’t that far off.

Our minds are amazing.  We can do absolutely unbelievable things with our brains!  One thing we can do is we can very effectively filter and sort information.  This is a huge benefit to us, but can also cause alot of problems.

When you start thinking about what you want, typically what goes on in your head is your brain auto filters out possibilities before you even really consider them. Your brain says to you “that’s not realistic so don’t consider it” or “that seems unreasonable, don’t put that down”

There are lots of reasons this occurs. I’ll bet we could even find scientific reasons that it happens.  The bottom line is, it does.  You are capable of so much more than you let yourself believe, because the really great ideas, the really great careers and the really great life is filtered out as “unrealistic” or “unachievable” almost as quickly as they come in!

To get where you really want to go, you will need to practice pushing beyond these self limitations and self imposed barriers.

So here’s today’s Action Step:

List JUST 3 THINGS that you want to do, that seem wildly unrealistic.

Let’s define “wildly unrealistic”: Things that you have no idea how you’ll accomplish them and you know the folks at your job would laugh at if they knew you wanted to do. 

That’s it, that’s your action set for today. Only 3…and make sure that they are occupations, jobs, or even gigs that you want to do that seem out of reach. Put them down on paper or write them in the comments here.

Don’t filter, Don’t qualify, Don’t censor…. just put your 3 things down.

Here are some ideas to get you going:

  • What you wanted to do as a kid (and are still a little fascinated with)
  • Something you read about in an article, blog post, magazine or someplace else where you thought to yourself “how great would that be”
  • What is that one thing you like doing for a hobby that you have previously thought “I could never earn any money doing this”
  • You have recently seen something glamorous and had judgemental thoughts about that person and their occupation, but when you thought more you realized there was just a tinge of “I wish I could do that”
  • Something you have always had curiosity about

Remember,  everything you write down will seem unrealistic until you actually do it…write it down anyways!

Want to get wildly uncomfortable, list one (or all 3) of the things you want to to. Don’t worry we won’t judge (well… we do judge that those willing to get out of their comfort zone are also those who will likely experience success)