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From Aspiring Dancer, To “Salesy” Senior Admissions Producer, To Figuring Out Her Path To A Brand New Fulfilling Career Path.

Melisssa Shapiro

Making a career change (or any major life decision) can be a grueling, fear-inducing journey, and there never really is such a thing as “the right time” to set sail. Luckily, as our guest today, Melissa Shapiro, proves, it can also be an opportunity for massive transformation and self-discovery.

Tune in as Melissa shares what worked for her in terms of getting clear on what she wanted, uncovering her strengths and passions, and how she successfully made the transition to doing work she loves.

Turning a Layoff into a Successful Mid-Career Change

From Unfulfilled NYC Television Producer To Thriving Abroad As An Event Coordinator For Wellness Company, Wanderlust

Tanya Malcom-Revell

When Tanya and her husband decided to move to the United Kingdom, she knew she also wanted to make a move in her career. Taking the relocation as an opportunity to reinvent herself, she refused to fall into her old ways of taking on whatever job was right in front of her.

Job searches were leading her nowhere and she felt scattered. As more time passed with nothing to show for it, she was completely bummed out. That is, until she went online and discovered the Happen To Your Career Podcast.

Not long after, she took the plunge to join Career Change Bootcamp, and ultimately landed a new role with Wanderlust, a dream company for Tanya in the wellness space.

Now, Tanya has come full-circle, joining us as a GUEST on the podcast to share her success story and what she went through to make it happen.


Dialing into Your Network to Land Your Next Career

From Faking Happiness In Engineering To Turning Her Love Of Behavioral Assessments Into A Thrilling New Career

Laura Morrison

Coming out of high-school, Laura Morrison wasn’t quite sure what she should decide for her college major. So she did what many people often do: looked at her family of engineers and her natural math ability in school, and set out to become an engineer herself.

Before she knew it, she had gotten a degree, her masters degree, and spent several years starting out in engineer consulting. But the entire time, she never felt like her career choice was a good fit.

Without knowing what to do next or how to even think about making a change, she felt stuck and found nearly a decade of her life had passed with nothing on her resume that made her feel proud, despite a long list of achievements.

That’s when she ultimately stumbled upon the Happen To Your Career Podcast, and soon after took the plunge to join us for one of our Career Change Bootcamps.

How To Confidently Land Your Dream Job

An Exhausting Job Can Be a Positive Thing

From Burnt Out In The Post-College, 9-To-5 Grind To Teaching “Male Yoga” And Starting A Side Business!

Matthew Toy

Fresh out of college, Matt Toy found himself working a variety of different career paths and ultimately getting burnt out over the years. Managing the logistics of farmer’s markets in the Bay Area, working for a bakery while still in school, a year-long stint in landscaping, etc.

Although he learned a bunch of different skills along the way, he still found himself yearning for more direction and meaning in his life, and wanting to create his own online business. During all of this, Matt discovered yoga, which “saved him along the way”, helping him keep from tearing apart at the seams with the different jobs and busy lifestyle.

It wasn’t until after a solo, 500-mile pilgrimage across Spain that he started to realize what he wanted to pursue and decided to get the coaching he needed to kick-start the process.

These days, he has taken his passion for yoga and carved out an exciting path for himself, primarily focusing on running events and yoga classes for men who normally wouldn’t go to yoga.

Matt is a perfect example of hitting the eject button on a stressful career, tuning into your personal strengths and passions, and bringing it all together to create a meaningful and rewarding new career.

Stop Avoiding Your Patterns to Find Work that Fits You

The Path to Your Dream Job Starts Here

From Working In Oil And Gas Operations On The North Slope of Alaska, To A Meaningful Career As An Entrepreneur Career Coach

Allison Curbow

Fresh out of college, Allison initially wanted a hands-on technical trade and went into oil and gas operations. While it was enjoyable at first, she often found herself bouncing around different tasks and roles, until she got to the point of feeling like a “flip flopper”.

Every time she made a pivot to a new role in her company, she felt as though she had to subdue some of her interests or discredit parts of herself that she was leaving behind her other positions.

Fed up with feeling like she changed interests too much, fed up with not liking the work she was doing, and fed up with not getting to include every part of her interests, she soon stumbled upon the Happen To Your Career Podcast.

During one particular episode (#103), she discovered the word “multipotentialite” and realized it was perfectly normal to not spend her life as a specialist. Shortly after, she joined the Career Change Bootcamp program and discovered it was truly possible to combine all of her interests, experiences, and talents into a brand new career.

Today, she has a much more meaningful and well-paying career working in the entrepreneur career coaching field!

Changing Yourself to Fit Your Career Won’t Bring Satisfaction

How the Formula for Career Happiness Can Help You Reach Your Dream Career

He Went From Jaded Corporate Consultant Manager To Crafting An Exciting New Role Within The Same Company!

Jason Bollman

After finishing college and even earning his master’s degree, Jason eventually found himself in a rewarding management position, leading a group of consultants each day. But while he enjoyed the technical and leadership aspects of the role, one day, he looked up and realized he was no longer happy.

On paper, he had crafted the exact career he originally thought he should have. Still, he realized something was off and he was no longer where he wanted to be.

After a “kick in the pants” from his wife, Jason sought out a coach and eventually began working with Happen To Your Career to map out his career change. To his surprise, he was able to identify things he needed to change, but also discovered how to apply that knowledge and land a new role within the same company.

Soon, he switched roles, got to change who he reported to (a big deal to him at that point), and was MUCH happier getting to do work that suited his strengths.

Why You Should Trust Your Gut Intuition When It Comes to Your Career

What Lies on the Other Side of Creating Your Own Role: Success 2 Years Later

She Went From Being Stuck In A “Box” To A Versatile New Career Involving Strategy And Analytics


After finding herself stuck in a role with little upside and being forced in a narrow (read: boring!) set of responsibilities, Elizabeth wanted to change things up. She wanted to find a way to experience a variety of responsibilities, while getting to continually learn and apply new things.

She started by trying to uncover a role in her current company at that time, but when it became clear her manager—her fifth manager in four years—wasn’t going to support her, she began to “see the writing on the wall”.

After gaining a much clearer understanding of what she wanted through coaching, and starting to be more strategic in her approach, things began shifting for the better. Soon, these new desires and intentional action taking lead to a “chance” encounter of a perfect opportunity for Elizabeth—during a casual conversation at breakfast!

Transferring Out of a Good Job - Actual Coaching Call

From Teary-Eyed Commutes To Her Job In The Timeshare Industry To Finding Happiness As A Benefits Coordinator For A Boston Law Firm

Audrey Romagnuolo

At the start of her career journey, Audrey wanted to check getting a job in the Big Apple (NYC) off her bucket list. As she puts it, “Because that’s what my mom did and what people from New Jersey do.”

Before she knew it, however, she was racking up 70-80 hours a week, stressing herself out to the point of tears on the commute to or from work, some days. She was no longer advancing in her role or in what she was being paid. Worse, Audrey was sacrificing love, maintaining a long-distance relationship instead of relocating, with nothing to really justify it any longer.

It was at that point that she started working with us to figure out a plan to do more of the kind of work she enjoyed, be herself, and relocate to be with her partner. Soon after, she was able to do just that, and raised her salary $20,000 a year in the process!

Turning His Car Consulting Hobby Into A Full-Time Dream Role With AAA Services

Chris Bene

We all have that one thing we’ve always been good at or had an interest in, from an early age. For Chris, ever since high school, he enjoyed having friends and family come to him when considering what vehicle to purchase.

Having spent well over a decade working in development for business travel programs, when new leadership took over, Chris new it was only a matter of time before he’d be facing a layoff. Plus, his values no longer aligned with who would be taking over.

That’s when Chris decided to get a head-start and use this impending layoff as an opportunity to join Career Change Bootcamp and figure out a backup plan and next steps.

He didn’t want to go directly into the car industry, due to its often “sleezy” reputation. After working with his coach to realize there were roles out there that combined consulting about cars, a great salary, and (equally important to Chris) integrity, the rest was history.

Soon, Chris went from just giving out free advice to friends and family, to turning what most would consider a “passion project” at best, into a full-time dream career at AAA.

3 Ways to Turn the Work You Love Into Your Full-time Role

From Feeling Stagnant After 20 Years In Marketing And P.R. To Sipping Wine For A Living

Kristy Wenz

When Kristy hit a wall and began feeling stagnant after 20 years working in marketing and public relations, even owning her own business in the industry, she began yearning for a new career and experiences.

After arriving back home after a seven month sabbatical with her family, she found herself frustrated to not have had the “ah ha!” breakthroughs she thought she’d find while abroad.

Up to that point, Kristy had previously signed up for the Happen To Your Career mailing list. She read a few e-mails, listened to a few podcast episodes, but nothing much beyond that.

It had been a while since she took note of any of the e-mails when, one day, a new message landed in her inbox. It was to tell her that that day—the same day she told herself she needed to finally figure things out—was the last day to join Career Change Bootcamp.

Taking it as a sign, she decided to enroll, and today she now gets to combine her four major desires into an amazing career at

Why You Should Trust Your Gut Intuition When It Comes to Your Career