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"I can honestly say that I would not be where I'm at today without the HTYC crew."

Tonya Malcolm-Revell

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Success Stories

The finance professional with scattered experiences who wanted to get paid well in her newly chosen field

With Phillip's help, I was able to believe that this is the area that I should be in because I just feel a lot of passion towards it. And the aspects of "what if I'm not paid enough, after transferring into this new field?" HTYC motivated me to not be afraid of those things, and just keep looking and connecting with people.

Vicky Meng, Treasury & Finaincial Analysis, United States/Canada

The high performer who wanted to become an exec now, not in 10 years

Testing out different organizations and talking to people, that was really when I started to see the light! I think that really jump-started me! okay now I can really start to figure out where I’m going to go next.

Linnea Calderon, Sr VP of Emerging Products, United States/Canada

The burnt out entertainment VP who never believed it was possible for work to be “fun”

I convinced myself for many years. That I was very lucky to have that job. And I would be crazy to leave it. I convinced myself that the team needed me even though I was miserable. And ultimately, it took me getting physically sick to realize I needed to leave! after going through the signature coaching program, and really focusing on understanding my strengths, and the strengths that I like to use the most, and how to put those into practice in terms of work. One biggest things that I learned out of the signature coaching was on designing my life. And this is another thing that I had really never, it had, I don't know, if it had never occurred to me. I just never believed it was possible until now.

Michael Fagone, Mortgage Loan Officer and Finance Executive, United States/Canada

The communications pro who wanted to write more and drink wine (without giving up her pay)

The way you guys have it laid out it just, it makes it easier to move through the process because the steps are laid out such a way that it's clear. It's that extra support to help you move through the process that helps you move through the program

Kristy Wenz, Chief Communications Officer, United States/Canada

The health professional who wanted much more flexibility and creativity

Thank you both for inspiring me to always ask, "Why NOT me?" and stick to my values for what I want for my life. I couldn't be happier and more excited for this new life!

Lisa Schulter, Special Projects Manager, United States/Canada

From faking happiness For 8 years To finding a fulfilling career In 7 months

I think one of the reasons the podcast has been so helpful to me is because you talk to people in different roles and all of a sudden I have exposure to people in different roles. In a way talking about why they got there what they like about it.

Laura Morrison, Senior Product Manager, United States/Canada

The sales rockstar with a “dream job” that paid well but wasn’t fulfilling

One of the most key things we talked about was feeling instead of thinking, I would think all the time, about this and that, I would just take time to feel. That is the key for really understanding where you are supposed to be and what you love.

Kelly , Leadership Recruiter, United States/Canada

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