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About Geoff Woods

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn

Geoff Woods was in a job he loved and making good money, when his 35-year old colleague suddenly had a stroke. Deeply affected by this, Geoff recognized he needed to create additional income streams to secure his own family’s future. He began to seek out guidance from people who had attained what he wanted for himself.  He now counts the man who ran the sports agency that inspired Jerry Maguire and the founder of Make-a-Wish among his mentors!  Master networker and host of The Mentee Podcast, Geoff shows us the step-by-step process for creating the relationships that we need to get us to where we want to go!

The fastest way to getting what you want in life is through the council of those who've already achieved it.  Seek those people out, be sincere and vulnerable in your request for help, and find ways to provide value to them.

It's definitely not all about you!  The best way to approach people you want to build relationships with is to listen and ask them how YOU can help them.

Geoff points to a critical skill he learned early on in his sales career:

“The ability to step outside of your own self and analyze what that other person cares about.

Talk in their language, on something that matters to them, that makes them feel good. That makes them like you. That is how you move things forward.”  – Geoff Woods

Don't discount the value of your existing network either!  Telling the people in your day-to-day life what you are up to can have huge rewards!




What You Will Learn

  • How your relationships can have a direct impact on your level of success.
  • Why the best way to get where you want to go is to learn directly from the people who are already there.
  • Why talking about your goals with everyone, in your day-to-day interactions is the “little hinge that swings big doors”!  You never know who can help you!
  • Geoff's 5-step process to finding and obtaining the right mentor for you.  Once you've identified your potential mentor, you'll need to know how to approach them and what to say to them.  Geoff's got that covered!  Hint:  “Let me buy you a coffee so I can pick your brain” is NOT the best approach.

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