Did you know that one 20 minute conversation with your boss can change your life forever?


How to Ask for a Raise and Get itIn 2011 Alyssa and I were trying to pay off a pile of debt.

It was not going fast enough and just hanging over our head.

One night as we were sitting in bed we were figuring out how long it was going to take us to finish paying off all of the debt so that Alyssa could stay at home with the kids.

We stared in disbelief at the numbers.


2 more years. Ughhh!


I was in shock, I didn’t think I could go two more years scrimping every single penny, avoiding starbucks like the plague and having to put back on the shelf the one thing my 4 year old daughter wanted for her birthday even though it only cost $25.

 We made too much money to be in this place.


But we were stuck!


How could we get more money coming in with the limited time we had.


It was in that moment that I knew that I needed to figure out how to expand my income.

We were going to be around $15,000 short and I thought “What if I ask for a Raise”?


Here’s Exactly what happened

Click the video above for an impromptu Interview of Alyssa and I discussing how one 20 minute conversation set us up to become debt free.


Whether it is paying off debt, going on vacation or even just taking your family to a nice dinner every once in a while, think about what you could do with an extra $5000 this year.

What if you got that $5000 extra every year for the next 30 years.


A 20 minute conversation with your boss can completely change your life!

Did you know that even just a $4000 raise, when correctly invested can be worth more than $1 million 

How’s that for one 20 minute conversation! If invested each year with 10% interest compounding over 35 years that single raise becomes $1,084,097.

How to ask for a Raise

When you have a bunch of extra income, it starts to be easy to save for retirement, pay off debt OR go on that vacation that you really want to.


We went to France and Corsica for the first time and finally started going out with friends to restaurants that we had wanted to try…


The best part about it is once you have done this the first time. You can ask for a Raise again, and again.

In the last 3 years. I have made over an extra 100K because asking for raises in the past.


Tomorrow I will send you the steps we teach to successfully have this 20 minute conversation with your boss.



Until then leave a comment below about what you would do with $5000 extra dollars this year!


I would love to know!