Happen to Your Career Podcast Sponsorship

Hey there! If you’re on this page, you probably are interested in reaching people that want to make a career change or develop in their careers! 

Before we get 17 steps ahead, just know that we are pretty picky about partnering with anyone for 2 reasons:

1) We only want to be affiliated with companies, products and services that will serve our audience really really well (Meaning sponsorship money isn’t worth it to us, unless it’s enriching our podcast for our audience)

2) We only will consider sponsorships with products and services that our team has directly experienced or used. (If we haven’t we would want to have direct experience with your product or service before even talking about sponsorship)

Ok, if you’re good with all of that, let’s move on to the Good Stuff!

Here’s some quick facts about the show!

  • 1. United States
  • 2. United Kingdom 
  • 3. Canada
  • 4. Australia
  • 5. China
  • 6. India
  • 7. Norway
  • 8. South Africa


  • Ages 26-39 (70%+ of listeners fall into this category)
  • Actively searching for a career change (often finding us by searching “Career Change Podcast” on Google or “Career Change” on iTunes
  • 59% Female, 41 % Male
  • Professionals, Managers, and Director Level
  • Buyers: 7% of listeners make a purchase in the first 100 days (that we can track, likely much more that we can’t track)
  • They’ve experienced a life change in the last 1-18 months that has caused them to re-evaluate their career and life (Kid on the way, loss of parent, lay-off, boss change, health scare)
  • Into Self Development: our average listener has a penchant for learning about themselves.
  • Loves Learning: Over 80% of the emails we get from listeners self admit “I love learning”. And they do, that’s why they are interested in our podcast, brand and emails.
  • Tired of doing something unfulfilling; Looking for work with meaning and careers to match!
  • Want flexibility and control: Interested in remote work, flexible work, entrepreneurial work and freelancing; Mostly because they want the flexibility that comes along with it!

We deeply believe in the power of stories, case studies and love to showcase actual listeners using the products and services that we advertise.

We work with you to either use your messaging or custom write and create and ad spots that serve our audience and your future customers.

Also, we’ll try to help you make sure that your ad will be recieved well with our listeners (including being blatantly honest with you if we think it won’t)

Take listen to an Ad we created using actual customers and listeners.

We love to get creative. It’s a better experience for our listeners and your customers! ?


Narrative – Story based, with audio from an actual listener of HTYC or customer who has used your services/product

Case Study – Results based, outlining the problem they were having and the results they recieved after trying the product. Similar to Narrative but often without audio of listener/Customer

Host led – Voiceover of Scott telling his interaction and experience with your company and the biggest benefits that he’s seen.

*** Ideally any ads will come with a special offer coupon code, landing page or other incentive specifically for HTYC audience but that also helps with tracking performance.

Use “HTYC” as the coupon code or landing page http://yourwebsite/htyc


Pre Roll – Before the introduction of the show – 30 -45 second ad spots available

Mid Roll – Middle of Episode, 30-90 second spots available

Post Roll – After interview, before closing of episode – 60 second spots available


We are most interested in if your product is a match for our listeners, from there we have a conversation to understand what Return on Investment you want (what do you want out of it) and What your budget is.

Then we custom create a sponsorship package that fits your needs.

That’s it. We make it easy!

****NOTE: we book out sponsorships in 6 and 12 show packages, by fiscal Quarter.


Not sure exactly what you want? Totally ok, let’s have a conversation to determine your budget and business needs and determine what ROI you’re looking for and what would be best for your company! (When it’s a win/win it’s better every time…obviously!)

Let’s schedule a time to chat about sponsorship!

Scott@happentoyourcareer.com or email alyssa@happentoyourcareer.com to get on Scott’s Calendar to discuss sponsorship for your company.

If you have other questions about the show you can email kathy@happentoyourcareer.com

Talk soon!