Most people don’t realize that they can get paid more for doing the exact same work.

But even the people that know it’s possible don’t ask for a raise because they are afraid to.

They make up excuses, See if any of these sound familiar

“I have been told, it’s not in the budget, so I just gave up”

“I didn’t want my boss to think I’m greedy”

“I was worried that if I asked for a raise that my boss might not like it”

“I’m not even sure what I would ask for”


If you are a member of the HTYC community. Chances are really good that you are a high performer.

That means you have no excuse not to be making more money at your job!

I told you in yesterday’s video that I would be sending you all the steps we use to teach people to get raises.


I put together this video to show you our entire process that we teach for asking for a raise and actually getting it!

Watch the video to see me teaching the process.

If you have been wanting to ask for a raise


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