How to Talk to Anyone (Especially Employers) Workshop

Ever wanted to be able to talk to anyone. Ever get a little nervous or not really sure what to say or how to connect with other people.

You're not the only one. Here's some ways to make it easier.

Download for free, these 5 tips on how to make Memorable Connections and start building relationships that matter today.


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Here is a list of books to help you connect to anyone in a way that actually matters

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How to Make People like You in 90 Seconds

This is a must read by Nicholas Boothman. His way of helping you understand how people tick, how they learn and most importantly, how they respond to you.

I use this personally and for my coaching clients that are wanting to remove the clutter and find out some of the things they are GREAT at. I think you'll enjoy it too. Remember people succeed because of their strengths not by working extensively on the things they will never be good at!

This is a classic must read. If you have not already read it, pick it up today. Dale Carnegie shares timeless wisdom about relationships that are just as true now as when he wrote it.