45: Become Awesome at Networking in 20 minutes per Day… Without going to networking events!

Taking time for networking and building relationships sucks!… well it does if you are not good at it.

What if you could not only get good at it, but do it in less than 20 minutes each day WITHOUT having to go to networking events.

That’s what today’s podcast episode is all about! Mark discusses with us some very tactical (and actionable) ways you can become a better at networking!

We’re all busy. and one of the biggest challenges we all have with networking is time…so Mark talks about a few ways to grow your network in 20 min a day

In this episode you will learn

  • LinkedIn Recommendations
  • Birthday calls/life events
  • Be a noticer
  • Quarterly Reach Out Emails

Also mentioned is Mark’s Call on how to become a better networker in 20 minutes a day! On October 17 (for more details) http://sieverkropp.com/call

If you want to go into deeper detail on any one of these, mark can tell you EXACTLY how to do this!

I was on his last one and I learned a whole bunch!