I have worked with compensation in some form or another for over 12 years!

I can statistically and philosophically say that if you are reading this email you are probably worth much more than you are making right now and definitely much more than you’re making right now!

“But Scott don’t you focus on getting people to work you love?”

Exactly, work you want to be doing and enjoy uses your natural strengths! Which means that you’re likely better at it than other people…

Which also means that you can add more value than the next person!…Which makes you more valuable!!!

See how that works?

The problem is most people don’t know how to translate that value that they are giving into income.

Over the next 3 days I’m going to show you how you can increase your income (while doing what you want to be doing!)

There are really 3 main ways you can increase your income. Each of these will get you closer to work that you want to be doing.

You Can:

  • Increase your salary where you are at now,
  • Get a different job that pays more (and why not your dream job while you’re at it!)
  • Start a business or launch a project of your own.

Over the next 3 days I want to talk to you about all three of these options. I also want to give you some massive resources that can help you with each one!

With these three options there will be something for everybody… but if you’re like me then all of them may apply!

How does that work?

I’m so glad you asked!

You could increase your salary by asking for a raise at your new job (then use that money to pay off all your debt and build a bunch of savings… like Alyssa and I did) then you can at the same time begin looking for your dream job!

Alyssa and I tell how asking for raises helped us pay off all our debt and how it happened! Click to watch.

After you find your dream job and negotiate an even bigger increase, you begin to work on a side project that can offer you additional income streams.

Maybe you keep your own thing that you have built just a side project and as a fun project that makes you extra cash or maybe you grow it so that you can take it full time. The possibilities are pretty endless!

First things first!

Today allow me to teach you to think about how to expand your income where you are already at!

This is actually the easiest one to do for most people but it’s typically the option people don’t view as possible.

First of all… I’m talking about asking for a raise (and getting it!)

At the right time, right place and with the right person, everything is negotiable!


This includes when I walk into a Designer Clothing shop and negotiate more than 50% off of pants and shirts… just because I know I can… and I am willing to ask.

I routinely buy cars at 50-70% of what I can sell them for. Multiple times over I have purchased vehicles, driven them for years and then sold them for close to (or more) than what I purchased them for!

What do the cost of designer pants and shirts have to do with how much income you earn?

Your job and your income are negotiable too… but most of us don’t realize it!

“Ok Scott!…If it’s so easy to get a raise, then why don’t more people know about it?”

Great question!

I think you first have to understand what’s stopping most of us from making what you’re actually worth!

You might probably work in a company where even our managers don’t know how the system works for raises because it rarely comes up.

Even when you think about asking for a raise, you automatically have thoughts of “will I sound greedy” or “I don’t think it will work, so why do it” or you just get stressed or worried just thinking about it!

Also if you’re in a medium sized to large company, sometimes you just can’t fathom how to move through the internal bureaucracy to get the right people to all nod their heads at the same time… and for that matter, sometimes your boss doesn’t know how either.

So with all of these headgames, fears, and lack of understanding how do you make this happen?

Here’s our step by step process we have used to help others. We call it “Get a Raise Guide” (… super creative name right?)

it will help take you through the full process of raising your income if you are already in a job!

Here’s specifically what we cover:

  • How to put yourself in the right position so that when you ask, you won’t get a “no”
  • Specifically what to say and do when you talk to your boss
  • How to know what you should ask for
  • Where to find out what everyone else is getting paid for doing the same type of work (and how to use that knowledge to your advantage)

Just click here to download Get A Raise Guide


This is one where you absolutely want to make the time to read and take action on this guide.

Ohh… and did I mention that we put it together for you completely free!

When you make more money and have no debt it’s so much easier to do work that you really want to.

You get confidence that wasn’t there before when you know that you have excess cash sitting in savings for emergencies. You don’t feel stuck or feel like you “you’re trapped in your job because you have to pay the bills”

Don’t worry though, that’s not all! We are just getting started!

Over the next two days I will be showing you some ways that I can help you get to your dream job OR start a business that gives you even more freedom and extra income!

Here’s what I can promise you: None of these things are easy to do… but they are simply worth it!

With Get a Raise Guide today and the resources I will introduce you tomorrow, I want to make sure having the right information and support is not an obstacle for you!

So buckle up and let’s go for a ride to increase your income with the intention of always moving closer to what you want in your life and your career!

Leave a comment and let me know what you would do with an extra $5000 a year!

Here’s the download link to Get a Raise Guide again!

Seriously, Leave a comment, I want to know what you would do with an extra 5K this year!!! let me know… I read every one!