When Kirby Verceles came on episode 84 of the HTYC podcast, she told me figuring out what she was great at had completely changed her life.She said two things that really stuck out to me in our conversation!


She talked about how when you do work that’s in your strengths it’s a completely different experienceYou go from “Hating your job” to “elated in your job” ….

no? that one didn’t quite work?Ok Ok!… the point is that when you do more things that come naturally to you AND you truly enjoy (signature strengths) then you have more fun and work doesn’t feel like work!Not exactly rocket science… but most people still miss the fact that for you to do work that uses your signature strengths that you need to have an extremely clear understanding of what your strengths are!But you already knew that part (I have the smartest readers in the world, which is part of the reason why I have so much more fun in what I do!)Even if you know that, it can still be incredibly difficult to get crystal clear on what your strengths are…So this entire week, I’m going to be sharing with you how you can get clear on your signature strengths!This is the first step to getting clear on what you should be doing for work!Still want to know the second thing that Kirby said that stood out?Well… ok since you’re here and all!


She talked about how the Strengths Finder 2.0 assessment was one of the things that kickstarted that deeper level understanding for her!She compared it to Witchcraft because she took the test and showed the answers to some of her friends and it was eerie how accurate it seemed to be!She’s not the only one though!Here’s other HTYC’ers that have had similar experiences

Since then I have gotten A LOT of emails asking if we sell the Strengths Finder Assessment on our site.

Up until now I had to answer, “well we would love to but…”No Longer!

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Go take the assessment, then come back and leave us a comment about what your top five strengths are!

Here are mine! Post yours below and let me know if the assessment was helpful to you!