Signature Coaching Program Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most commonly asked questions we’ve had over the last 8 years. These will help you figure out if our signature coaching is right for you! Want to know more? Schedule a conversation with our team!

I convinced myself for many years. That I was very lucky to have that job. And I would be crazy to leave it. I convinced myself that the team needed me even though I was miserable. And ultimately, it took me getting physically sick to realize I needed to leave! One biggest things that I learned out of the signature coaching was on designing my life. And this is another thing that I had really never, it had, I don't know, if it had never occurred to me. I just never believed it was possible until now.

Michael Fagone, Mortgage Loan Officer and Finance Executive


What is the difference between Signature Coaching and Career Change Bootcamp?
The difference between them is in the approach. Both Signature Coaching and Career Change Bootcamp offer 1 on 1 coaching, and both are designed to get you where you want to go. The difference with Signature Coaching is that you can build your package with the options that you want. With Career Change Bootcamp, there is a more specific structure, and it is module based., with some 1 on 1 coaching as well. People who choose CCB typically like more structure with the ability to customize some parts.
How do my coach and I ensure that our sessions are being utilized effectively and productively?
Prior to every single session you go to, your coach does prep work, and we also ask you to do prep work. This is only the beginning, though, because a big part of the role we serve as coaches is to help pull you back to what is most important and highest impact, during each and every coaching session. We do this even before we start coaching, by helping you to clarify your priorities & goals for your career change.
Once I’ve started the program, how do I determine if I need a different level of support?
One of the things we always do with every single person we interact with is, try to assess the amount of support they are going to nee up front. However, sometimes we can’t accurately predict the exact amount of months a career change might take. So, we never leave you hanging. There’s two ways we do this. 1- Once you have worked with us, you get access to our Alumni coaching rate, where you can add additional support at any point and time. 2- You always have the option to upgrade at any point in time, to a higher level package. (The only exception to this is our individualized/guaranteed packages)
Is it possible to establish basic understanding and agree on working mode with your coach before tapping into the actual coaching sessions?
It’s never easy to quickly get into “efficient work mode” and some effort upfront is generally required. However, since these sessions are quite valuable (maybe just 4 sessions), I would prefer to spend the time on where it matters the most.
What makes this Program so much more special than the others?
Woah! You’re asking all the right questions! What makes this Signature Coaching program so special is you (cue the sappy music). Ok…ok… you can cut the sappiness. The Signature Coaching program is a premium program designed for high performers and action takers. We customize the coaching program specific to you and your situation. Whether you’re looking to start something on your own or looking for that ideal role/company. As our other programs tend to be more structured, the Signature Coaching program is designed to serve those highest needs first and then take action at set up with a custom plan for you.
I was wondering if it is possible to talk briefly with any past/current clients about their experience with HTYC coaching.
Great question!! It’s one we get very frequently. Our privacy policy is that we don’t share our clients info with outside parties at all (unless they explicitly ask us to or allow us) because so much of what we do is very (very) personal. That said we’ve had quite a few people that have reached out on their own to people we’ve worked with in the past (we have a podcast with hundreds of those stories) Feel free to check out our Podcast page, or our Success Stories (further down on this page)
If for whatever reason I am not able to complete the process or have determined I want to end the relationship, what is the policy for refund or ending partnership?
If you want to end the relationship, you simply end the relationship and don’t continue on. We don’t do refunds – We used to a long time ago, but realized over a couple years that we were accidentally not setting people up for success by doing so. The reason is much of this work is not just action, it’s also behavioral change. Which means if we’re unintentionally giving people a “way out” before they ever start, then it’s harder to execute actions, do difficult things and most importantly change behaviors. When you make the commitment that “I’m going to make this successful no matter what” and you don’t continue to entertain other options (like giving up) then you end up with a higher real chance of success. This is one of those situations where what our clients say they want actually hurts them later on if we give it to them. We care about the people we work with too much to allow that, even if it “feels better” when making an investment. Also I believe this is one of the reasons that we have astronomically different results than anyone else in the career coaching industry. We don’t make magic, we just work differently to make success happen.
What happens if I accept my offer sooner than my plan (example invested in a 12 month plan but it only took 9 months)
First of all. That’s awesome! Woohoo. Ahead of schedule is a great thing. A couple things that we’ve found over the years of working with people on changes like this If we allow people to do returns with custom coaching, they unintentionally stand with one foot in and one foot out of fully committing themselves to the process. They end up moving slower AND have a lesser experience with our team. – There is variety of reasons this happens, some of the research that is available on whether or not we’re likely to regret decisions explains this (short version is that we tend to regret reversible decisions more than irreversible) – This means that it’s bad for the client (in this case you) if we make the decision reversible – So we don’t do returns for custom coaching packages at all. If you get a role sooner. That’s awesome! Also If you’re looking at this as a results based investment then that will serve you better and allow us to help better.
I’m not in the USA. Will this work for me?
Cool. About one third of our clients are also like you: In other countries. France, Portugal, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, all over the United Kingdom… just to name a few!!! We also have a lot of people that are from other countries but are now in the USA or from the USA but now live in other countries. Most people think there are MASSIVE differences between how you get a job you are excited about from one geographical region to the next, however since it’s always people that hire you, there are far less differences than what you think.
Y’all seem pretty proud of your coaching program, What gives?
Damn Skippy. We’ve written the book on career change coaching. Many solo coaches out there follow and copy our work, we’ve developed the only research backed coaching process specific to career change in the world. Yes we’re proud of it and love what we do… Would you really want to get coaching from someone who wasn’t fulfilled by their work and enamored with what they get to do for their career? That would be hypocritical.
If I have a conversation, I committed to getting coaching?
When you schedule a conversation, you are committing your first born child and to send me a pint of Cherry Garcia every year on my birthday. Just kidding of course! There isn’t an obligation to purchase coaching from us just because you chat with us, and quite frankly we want to make sure that you are going to benefit tremendously from working with our coaches too (how do you think we get such great results for our students and clients; we make sure we can actually help first!) We only ask that when you schedule a conversation, you are ready to talk through your situation, in order to decide in what way we can best help you. Plus if the Signature Coaching Program isn’t right for your situation, we’ll help to pair you with the type of help that will best fit you! (because there is no one size fits all and that’s how we roll!)
Why the need for a conversation? Why can’t I just pay for coaching?
Coaching isn’t right for everyone. We want to make sure that we can help you AND that you’re going to benefit tremendously from the program. If we are not the best help for you, then I’m not interested in accepting your money!
How do I choose a coach? Am I paired up with a coach?
There are two ways. Many of our clients are very familiar with our coaches already because they’ve heard them on the podcast. For many others we pair them up with a coach that fits you and your needs and personality. We do this after you apply and we talk to you about your situation
How long is each coaching session?
Our coaching sessions are set up for 45 minutes. (primarily we’ve found that works best for most people AND if we don’t quite have everything wrapped up, it gives us a few minutes buffer time between the hour to make sure you’re taken care of)
What happens when I schedule a call?
You schedule a time on our team’s calendar that works for you. Then we meet on Zoom and learn more about your situation. If we can help, we’ll make a recommendation and help you choose what would be the best fit for you. If it’s an amazing fit we’ll get you all paid and registered and get you moving in the direction you want your life and career to go!
What’s the difference between 4x per month vs 2x per month?
It totally depends on a per person basis what’s right for you. What we find, now that we worked with thousands of people is that people who are coaching more frequently, move through their career change process in less months. That means in general, for most people the more coaching that you can do helps you speed up the process. You might as “Why does this work? It feels like I have too much work to do if I have coaching 4x per month” To that I say “Not So!!!” (raises finger) Your coach works specifically with you to adjust your workload/homework and action items to figure out what makes sense to you every time you meet. The real reason this speeds up the process is because it helps keep our clients (like you) centered around high impact activities, as opposed to getting lost in over-analyzing.
What is the success rate of using your service and getting into a new and successful role?
Success rate on Guaranteed/All inclusive packages is 100% Success rate on custom career coaching that is end to end (not guaranteed) is above 95% Success rate on packages that are NOT end to end (meaning identification to job offer) we don’t have accurate data on – because we have some people that begin work with us and do the rest of it by themselves so after the coaching packages end we sometimes don’t get to hear the end result. It’s important to note that success for each of our clients is different it DOES NOT always mean getting into a new role, for some of them it is learning what they want/need and a small portion of them realize they already have it with some smaller tweaks to their role/team/company – However this is a small portion of the people we work with (far less than 10%) My attorney tells me to also be clear that just because this is our track record, doesn’t automatically mean you will be successful. This shit is hard, it’s emotional, and it usually doesn’t work out as cleanly as most of us would like. That said most of the people we work with say that it worked out better. LET’S be honest though: The reason why you’re asking is not because you care about the success rate of these other people, it’s because you want to know if YOU will be successful. I personally think you have the potential to be successful, and are the right type of person for us to help. It might not be obvious, but each time we work with someone (especially since we don’t work with that many people) we are taking a risk too. This means that we’re usually assessing your track record of success as well before making sure we can commit to you. (hence the 4000ish questions we’ve asked you along the way)
What other data points can you provide that will ensure that investing in the service will result in a return on investment?
Only you can determine if you’re willing to do the work here to get a return. That said as near as I can tell we’ve helped more people with career changes (of the type you’re looking to make) than any other company in the world. So I think if you are placing bets your best bet is with us. That said don’t take my word for it, We have literally over 400 podcast episodes, with most of those including clients that are sharing their personal story in their words. We have digital folders full of testimonials because they have come in faster than we’ve had time to get them onto the website. I think that no matter how much data I do or don’t give you, you are going to feel slightly uncomfortable unless I tell you that something is 100%. And we can’t do that, only you can, if you’re willing to keep going until the change is made and commit to something that will be harder than what you realize. Then we can absolutely help.
How many people does your team support in a year?
We don’t work with very many people. We begin working with about 10 new people each month (recently closer to 16 new people each month as we’ve expanded our capabilities) This is only 120 – 200 a year. Collectively we’ve worked with over 2 thousand people (however we started supporting people for longer timeframes and end to end service, which translates to less people over longer time frames over the last 5 years. )
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Signature Coaching Program Success Stories

Testing out different organizations and talking to people, that was really when I started to see the light! I think that really jump-started me! okay now I can really start to figure out where I’m going to go next.

Linnea Calderon, Sr VP of Emerging Products, United States/Canada

I convinced myself for many years, that I was very lucky to have that job, and I would be crazy to leave it. I convinced myself that the team needed me even though I was miserable. And ultimately, it took me getting physically sick to realize I needed to leave! One of the biggest things that I learned out of the signature coaching was on designing my life. And this is another thing that I had really never, it had, I don't know, if it had never occurred to me. I just never believed it was possible until now.

Michael Fagone, Mortgage Loan Officer and Finance Executive, United States/Canada

I wanted to thank you because you have helped me land a job that is more fulfilling in every way than a job I thought I could have had before I met you. The work you did and the techniques you taught me literally changed my life.

Eric Murphy, Science Teacher, United States/Canada

I realized early on in that career transition that if I was going to be able to find a job that was rewarding and in an area I liked, even to just pay rent, I would need help because I wasn’t getting the results I needed I know how to get introduced to people and talk to folks. I’ve done this remote job search thing a few times. What made it different for me though is that it’s not just an opportunity to change location but to change position. It could be not just a lateral move from one city to another but it could also be a promotion. I was moving my career and experience to an area where I went from leading projects to potentially leading teams… Sometimes you can stretch yourself and sometimes you need a team to stretch you beyond your best. I think that’s the biggest value from coaching. You have someone in your corner looking out for your best interests. If they are doing their job as good as Lisa did they are pushing you to be the best version of yourself.

Mike Bigelow, Senior Project Manager, United States/Canada

Scott has been a tremendous help in bringing focus to my business. Scott enlightened my path towards concentrating on my strengths and doing what I love. I recommend Scott Anthony Barlow to anyone who wants clarity about what they should be doing, and the next step to make your business successful.

Jody Maberry, Began Copywriting & Marketing Business, United States/Canada

I was able to negotiate a higher salary, accepted the offer and I can not be happier! You truly helped make this process as painless as possible! I would (and will) recommend your services to anyone and everyone looking for a new job (or current job pay raise).

Kevin Larsen, Manager of Maintenance, United States/Canada