Jody Maberry

About Jody Maberry

Think being a park ranger is about as far from the business world as you can get?  

Jody Maberry says the time he spent as a park ranger gave him a solid education in public relations, public speaking, negotiation, and the customer experience.  He traded the cubicle for the great outdoors, got his MBA, and discovered that not only could business lesson be applied to the parks system but the parks had lessons to share with the business world too.

Along the way, Jody discovered his ability for storytelling and now helps entrepreneurs market themselves and their brands through telling their stories.



Jody Maberry

What You Will Learn

  • How even seemingly drastic career changes, like say, financial analyst to park ranger – ARE possible if you are patient, persistent, and willing to work for it!
  • You’ll also hear how important a role relationships play in finding and landing the opportunities you want
  • And, you’ll learn why you should NEVER underestimate humble beginnings…

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The Park Leaders podcast – (you may recognize the voice in the intro!)

Want to hear the “squirrel story”?

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