Mark Sieverkropp, HTYC, Happen To Your CareerMark Sieverkropp is on the show again this week with Scott.  This time, however it will be more of a traditional HTYC Interview, with Scott asking Mark about his career journey and how he's used what he talks about in his book, Project: Success to get to where he is today…as always when these two get together, there are certainly some laughs!  Enjoy!


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Books & Resources Mark Sieverkropp Mentions in the Interview

 by Richie Norton


Who Inspires Mark Sieverkropp?

Chris LoCurto (listen to Chris LoCurto's HTYC interview here)

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 Mark's new book

Planning stages of an event in Fall 2014

The 24 Podcast


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LinkedIn – Mark's blog


 Question: Have you read Project:Success? If so, what do you like about it? 


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