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A career change podcast for people who don’t want to settle. Stories of how high performers find meaningful work.

Recent Episodes

November 27, 2023

543: How To Use Your Signature Strengths To Get Hired

November 20, 2023

542: Persevering Through Interview Rejection by Upgrading Your Mindset

November 13, 2023

541: Lawyer Career Change: Finding Balance as a Working Mom

November 6, 2023

540: Career Change from Academia to Nonprofit

October 30, 2023

539: How to Get a Raise When You Negotiate Your Next Role

on this episode When you receive a job offer, whether that’s for a career change or even an internal promotion, you are in the absolute best position to increase your salary or add benefits.  When a potential employer extends a job offer during a career change, they are typically emotionally invested in having you join […]

October 23, 2023

538: How To Define Your Ideal Career When Making A Career Change

on this episode Making an intentional career change isn’t about compromising or settling, it’s about figuring what it would take for you to thrive in your work and then going after that ideal career! In this episdoe, Scott is joined by career coach Ben Fox to discuss the work they do with clients to help […]

October 16, 2023

537: Rethinking Informational Interviews: Stop Doing Them & Start Test Driving Conversations

on this episode If your goal is to get a job, sure, you can stick with informational interviews. But if you’re after a fulfilling career that pays really well, then you must be willing to do things differently than the rest of the world. The internet and self-proclaimed job experts have been chanting the mantra […]

October 9, 2023

536: How Networking and Bold Career Moves Can Transform Your Life

on this episode We’ve found that when you start doing the work to make a big change, like a career change, these big moves bleed into the rest of your life and cause you to make changes in parts of your life you never expected. Jill Schmieding’s story is a testament to this.  After a […]

October 2, 2023

535: Empowering Career Advice From Successful Career Changers

on this episode Ever felt like you’re stuck in your career, spinning your wheels with no clear direction? Ready for a change but not sure where to begin? We’re sharing career advice from 7 people who have made the change to more meaningful work aligned with their passions and strengths. Their advice is all about […]

September 25, 2023

534: Overcoming Burnout by Prioritizing Career Well-being with Emilie Aries

on this episode You’ve probably heard of the oxygen mask theory: “In the event of a plane emergency, secure your oxygen mask before assisting others.” The underlying message is simple but profound – you must take care of yourself first to be of help to others. Surprisingly, this analogy is also a powerful tool for […]

September 18, 2023

533: Creating Your Ideal Career by Asking for What You Want

on this episode We’ve all heard it before, “Just ask for what you want!” Simple, right? But let’s face it, actually putting that advice into action can be a whole different story. There’s a whole array of things that hold us back from having those important conversations that could make our work life so much […]

September 11, 2023

532: Prioritizing Autonomy & Fulfillment When You’re at a Career Crossroads (Live Coaching)

on this episode Ever since remote work gained acceptance in 2020, flexibility has been all the rage. Now you hear it offered as a perk from organizations that allow their employees to “work from anywhere” but it turns out… that’s not really the full picture of what people are looking for. There’s often a much […]

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