Bozi Dar - revisited

Are you tired of watching your colleagues get promoted?

Do you feel like you've been constantly looked over for that next pay raise?

Are you starting to feel like everyone around you is doing better than you in their career?

If you're ready to advance your career and find out how to get promoted, we've got a solution for you. A six-step formula created by Bozi Dar that will help you accelerate your career.

About Bozi Dar

Bozi Dar is a career adviser and the author of the #1 bestselling book, ‘Promoted: The Proven Career Acceleration Formula to Reach the Top'. He created the Career Acceleration Formula after having struggled for years to advance his own career.

The six-step formula helped him get six job promotions in six years which led him to increase his salary 15 times. Bozi continues his “mission to liberate you from the crappy, rehashed career advice from the so-called “career gurus” and introduce you to career strategies that will get you 5x results in 1/2 the time (what I call the '10x effect')” at

Today, we revisit Bozi's episode where he shares his step-wise process for identifying, landing, and succeeding in the job and career path that fits you!


What You Will Learn

  • The 4 “invisible forces” impacting your career and why they aren’t helping you.
  • Find out about the “10% club”, the 10% of employees at any given company that are steadily advancing in their roles, and learn how you can become a member!
  • And learn Bozi’s signature 6-step formula for accelerating your career!

If you're finding yourself in a similar situation and need the extra push to get that promotion, check out Bozi's FREE online training, “3 SECRETS TO ACCELERATING YOUR CAREER WITHOUT WORKING HARDER OR PLAYING OFFICE POLITICS.”

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