407: Six Career Experiments To Help You Discover Your Ideal New Role

Designing career experiments is how high performers limit their career risk by test driving ideas to identify their ideal role.


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If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been working in one industry since you finished school (whether undergrad or graduate). Maybe you’ve enjoyed your work, maybe not. Maybe it wasn’t what you were expecting. Or maybe it wasn’t that bad – maybe your work was fulfilling for a while but then your passion faded. However you got here, you’re at the point that you’re ready to move on. Now you’re ready for what’s next. On to the next adventure! Well, maybe… or maybe not. You may not know what you’d like to do next. Or, you may have an idea of what you’d like to do, but can’t be sure until you’ve tried it. That’s why I love career experiments. On the podcast this week, my HTYC colleague, Lisa Lewis, and I talk about career experiments – how to design them, tailor them to your strengths, and use them to discover your ideal role. Check it out at the link below!

what you’ll learn

  • Discover how to design career experiments tailored to your strengths to help you identify your ideal role.
  • Learn how career experiments limit your career risk by trying new career options before committing to them.
  • Hear about other high performers who have used career experiments to discover new interests, organizations and roles, leading them to new career ideas they had never previously considered.

Success Stories

That's one of the things I learned about in CCB is just the importance of, where are you coming from? Are you more trying to escape from or are you going to, but before that all before CCB, I was thinking very much in terms of I want to escape from. OR Starting with career change boot camp, I think one of the big things that realized is that you can't think your way there. You've got to kind of get out of yourself and, you know, go out and take action. And that definitely came through in terms of the experiments and just kind of the action steps are part of a career change boot camp.

Kevin McDevitt, Senior Research Analyst & Investment Analyst, United States/Canada

Testing out different organizations and talking to people, that was really when I started to see the light! I think that really jump-started me! okay now I can really start to figure out where I’m going to go next.

Linnea Calderon, Sr VP of Emerging Products, United States/Canada

Sometimes you just need someone who has done these things before to make it easier. Scott’s advice allowed me to get exactly what I wanted out of my new job!

Andrew Trujillo, Digital Marketing, United States/Canada

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