Income, Get a Raise, Salary, HTYC, Happen To Your CareerMost people feel like they have little, or no, control over what their income is.  This is simply not true!

Join Mark and he talks to Scott about the process of getting a raise and shares techniques he has used himself, and has coached other people to use to substantially increase their incomes.

The myth is that your boss decides your income, and short of moving to another job, you have very little control over what you earn.

Scott says this is flat-out not true!


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Why is it important to raise your income?

  • More money is good
  • It's easier to move towards work that you love as you are raising your income
  • Build up reserves to be able to make a change
  • Give you more negotiating power when you transition to another position

People have more control than they think they do over their income.

The determining factor of what you get paid is the amount of value you bring to the table.

“If you're adding value, that's when you have the leverage to have the conversation about your compensation.”

The Three Points to Raising Your Income

  • How do you add value?
  • How do you help your employer recognize the value you add?
  • Everything is negotiable.
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Napoleon Hill says in Think and Grow Rich,

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