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Joel Fortner's mission is advancing people through personal-growth education. That's why he joined Business and Leadership expert Chris LoCurto‘s team and why he is a Small Business Marketing Coach.

Joel coaches entrepreneurs and business leaders on marketing and sales to help them grow their businesses, gain confidence and serve more people. Joel says,  “I don't implement marketing strategies, I teach you how to be a better marketer because teaching is my strength.”

 In this interview, Scott and Joel talk about defining your mission, reflecting on your strengths and passion, and not isolating yourself.

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Books & Resources Joel Fortner Mentions in the Interview

  by James Lukaszewski

 by Dave Ramsey

 by Dave Ramsey

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Who Inspires Joel Fortner?

Chris LoCurto 

Dave Ramsey


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Parting Advice

  1. Prayer
  2. Reflect on what you're good at
  3. Ask others what you're good at
  4. Don't isolate yourself

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 Question: As you reflect, what are the things that you are good at personally?


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