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You're Pretty Badass
I know it. You know it.

The only problem is that the people who make the hiring decisions at the organizations you badly want to work with don’t know it….Yet!!!

When it comes to communicating on a resume (or a LinkedIn profile) you’ve come to the realization that although you can sell the pants off of your project at work or your previous company’s product it’s so much harder to write personal profiles for yourself.

And really, should you use bullet points or full sentence structure on your resume anyways? What’s going to make it easier for someone to cut to the part where they say,

“I must get to know this person already! Alfred get this person on the phone right now”

[I’m not sure why their recruiter’s name is Alfred, but just go with it].

Maybe you don’t even care about all the stuff that goes onto the resume. (Can’t we just cut to the part where it makes you sound just like the unique amazing high performer that you are?)

Maybe you want to spend your time on something else and leave the work to world class experts in Personal Marketing and Branding.

(After all you’ve got other awesome things to be doing that probably don't involve toiling over which power adjectives to use in your professional profile!)

Our Services

Our work has been featured in thousands of places across the internet. We have two of the Top 5 podcasts on iTunes for “Career Change” and we run the world's first and only research based coaching programs for career change.

Oh yeah… we've also directly helped thousands of high performers make changes to meaningful work that they love. If you can think of it, we've seen it. If you want to work with the best, we're right here!

We've put together a variety of custom services just for you!

Personal Marketing and Branding

Get coaching from the world's leading experts on career change strategy and personal marketing

Resumes, CVs and cover letters

Done for you packages to help you present your best self forward

LinkedIn and Social Profiles

Revitalize your profiles to showcase your most relevant, interesting, and memorable info
Let us sell you (so you don't have to)…
at Least on Paper
Want to translate your experiences and skills into a world class, unique resume that helps position you for roles that you actually want? A complete done for you solution to a resume or CV does exactly that.

Work with one of the best Resume and Branding Professionals in the world from Happen to Your Career to create a document that markets you in the way you want to be seen and causes decision-makers in companies to be interested in you.

Whatever you need, if you want results, you know that we’ve got you covered.

As you would expect from Happen To Your Career, we have on our team one of the only people in the Resume and Branding industry, that aside from being an award winning resume writer with multiple certifications, has actual real world marketing experience.

(Fun fact: If you google resume writers and people who do “personal branding” out there, you will find tons of former recruiters and very few people that actually have real world marketing experience… which is ironic for something that is supposed to be a “marketing document.”)  

Meet our Resume, Personal Branding and Marketing Expert
Meet Michelle Robin. Personal Branding and Marketing Expert for Happen to Your Career.

She’s had almost 2 decades of marketing, graphic design and product management experience across multiple industries. She’s helped hundreds of high performers take their resumes and branding from good to downright phenomenal.

And she likes Star Wars (she wanted to be Princess Leia when she was growing up… or at least have the hair) so you know she’s good!

[Insert secret Happen to Your Career handshake here]

Most importantly she’ll help you stand out. Not in the “I dropped my lunch tray on the floor in 9th grade” sort of way, but instead in the “I can’t stop talking about how awesome this person is and I must have them on my team” sort of way!

Michelle's Credentials and Affiliations
National Certified Resume Writer (NCRW) — Less than 60 people in the world have this certification
Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW)
360Reach Analyst
Get Clear, Get Found, Get Hired (G3) Coach
Member, National Resume Writers Association
Member, Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches
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Resume/CV Consultation Call -$397

  • Spend 1 hour with our Resume, Branding and Personal Marketing Expert.
  • Learn the highest priority updates you need to make for your situation so you can have people become interested in you.
  • Strategize with our Branding Expert on how to best target the types of roles you are interested in.
  • Get access to our resume module from Career Change Bootcamp for access to resume templates, a step by step how to series, and even a resume checklist so you have everything you need to get companies interested in you.
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Choose from one of our packages and schedule a call and we will custom create a package for you. 

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