Mark Sieverkropp

Mark Sieverkropp - Director of Happen-ings

Mark Sieverkropp – Director of Happen-ings

Mark Sieverkropp is an entrepreneur, blogger, trainer, consultant, husband and father.  He has a love of learning and sharing what he learns with others.  He is happiest when he is teaching, consulting or connecting people.  Mark has an ability to take large concepts and bring them down to the ground level, analyze them and put together a plan of action to progress and move forward.  He specializes in analyzing a situation and asking the right questions to help others to come to their own conclusions.

Mark’s role on the HTYC team is the Director of Happen-ings.  He is an advisor to Scott, responsible for content creation, marketing, promotion, mission and vision development and strategic planning.  Together with the other members of the HTYC team, he is committed to providing the resources, tools and direction for people looking to transition into work that they love.

Mark blogs 3-4 times a week at about all things Business and Leadership.  Connect with him on Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.