268: 5 Ways Author Jen Sincero Stays a Badass Every Day



For my friend [and NYT Bestselling Author] Jen, that’s a reality. When she sends an email, speaks at a conference, or hops on a podcast interview, she leaves everyone KNOWING she’s a badass, and she has this insane ability to multiply badasses all around her. It’s awesome.

Jen and I spoke on the phone a few weeks ago and we had YOU in mind. If you’ve been headed toward success but somewhere along the way found yourself banging your head against a wall and wondering how to move past barriers, Jen’s secrets for achieving badassery may just rock your world.


If you want to stay strong, you go to the gym. If you want to stay motivated, you go to the spiritual gym.

Instead of treadmills, stationary bikes, rowing machines, and free weights, the spiritual gym is made up of books, podcasts, mantras, and playlists. It’s the quintessential list of what you need to stay motivated and keep chasing after goals. If you don’t set up your support system to stay positive as you move toward your career happiness, you’ll lose steam and settle (which is what over 80% of humans end up doing when it comes to work!).


You’ve heard us talk about this concept a lot, which is what we at HTYC refer to as full immersion. Full immersion acknowledges that there will be moments when your motivation wavers, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Check out Jen’s full immersion techniques below.


Everyone’s spiritual gym looks different. Only you can select the machines you need. To help you get started, we asked Jen to share what her personal spiritual gym looks like. Since she moved from making only $28K per year as a struggling writer to becoming a successful author with two NYT bestsellers, she has some credibility here.

Jen’s daily trip to the gym includes:


Guided and personal meditation can keep you from beginning your day with a spinning ball of thoughts like: “I gotta reply to that email…Oh shoot—the grocery store pick-up! What if I don’t hit the project deadline next week? I really should post on Instagram more…Do I have time for breakfast? Mom is probably wondering why I haven’t called lately…Better check my email again before I get in my car.”

Instead, meditation helps you center yourself. You can use an app like Calm or Headspace with guided meditation created to help you rest, be present, and engage fully in your life. Or you can simply develop your own meditation practice where you repeat a motivational phrase and quiet your mind. Either approach should silence early morning negative thoughts.


Have you ever been in the middle of a difficult strength training set when the beat drops and you suddenly get hit with this supernatural energy? Music is powerful for the body and the mind. Jen built herself a playlist that, in her words, “sends her on victory laps around her house every morning.”

If you’re a music person, find some time this week to make your Badass Beats playlist. When you feel your confidence starting to disappear, press play on that Kelly Clarkson song and remember, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.


Everything’s better with buds. There’s no better accountability than a friend who will shame you into following through on your commitments.

Jen masterminds with her crew a couple times a week, updating on what she wants to do and how she’s accomplishing the steps it takes to find her personal happiness. These chats usually only last about 15 minutes, but the resulting encouragement lasts much longer.


Pegging herself as a nature freak, Jen sets aside time to hike every week. The fresh air, bird calls, and feel of her boots on the dirt as she huffs it up a hill just do it for her. Every hike leaves her full of positive energy.

Your hobbies may look more like reading memoirs, painting sunsets, climbing rock walls, or mixing cocktails. Whatever leaves you with positive energy and a new excitement for life, make it a priority.


For badasses, there’s no such thing as going through the motions. Jen makes sure to check in with her current state and future goals each day. She asks herself, “What is bringing me the most joy right now? What is restricting my joy?” and then changes her actions accordingly.

People change. Often. So these consistent check-ins allow her to alter plans and direction as early as possible.


If there’s anything we’ve learned from Jen, it’s that badassery is hard work, but it’s much easier when you create a system that keeps it flowing. So what’s it going to look like for you? How will you create a positive feedback loop of motivation?

Maybe you need to set reminders on your phone to check your joy at 2 pm every day, schedule Facetime calls with your bff once a week, and log into Spotify to get a poppin’ playlist going. Whatever it is, the time is now.

To get you going on the right track, here’s some advice on getting started from Jen’s latest book, You Are a Badass Every Day:

“Start. Right. Now.

And here’s a tip: start small. Chunk your to-dos down into manageable bits of time or break your tasks up into friendly little baby steps instead of trying to get the entire thing one in one intimidating leap. Especially if what’s been dogging you is something you’ve been successfully putting off for a while. For example, if you’re struggling to commit to a meditation practice, sit in silence for seven little minutes a day, then after a while up it to eight minutes and then nine and then you’re on your way. If you’re writing a book, sit at your desk with your phone turned off, the internet disabled, armed guards at your door, and do not get up until you’ve written one brilliant paragraph. The next time you show up for work write two brilliant paragraphs, then up it to three, and then four, and then you’re on your way.

Motivation, commitment, focus—these are all muscles that, like any muscle, require strengthening. If you push yourself too hard right out of the gate, you’ll hurt yourself and walk in wide circles around that gym instead of going inside whenever you’re in the neighborhood. If you build slowly and steadily and chunk it down, not only do you save yourself some pain, but you’ll start noticing changes almost immediately. And there ain’t nothing that makes you show up, and keep showing up, like getting results.”

Find Jen’s book here and click the play button below to listen to our interview.

Scott: Welcome back to the Happen To Your Career podcast. I am ecstatic today, because I have with the me best selling author, success coach and motivational cattle prod. Who gave up her home in California too, in 2011 to travel the world and encourage as many people as possible to live which she calls lives as “unbridled awesomeness”. Since then, she's written several New York Times best sellers, including “You Are a Badass” which is let her on the completely different journey

and even my own mother demanding that I have her on this show to be able to talk to her so, welcome to the Happen To Your Career podcast Jen Sincero, how are you?


Jen: I'm so good. How can your mom's know with this?


Scott: Oh, my goodness. You know what? Actually you're not give a trouble. See, this was going to be an amazing now it's just a now we just downgraded that slightly.


Jen: Oh, no why do we start?


Scott: Oh no, see this is the tone that we are starting out on. Mom this one's for you either way, whether you're not here. Well, I am excited though regardless of the number of times my mom has said you should get Jen on the show


Jen: I love her.

Scott: Yeah I know but tell me a little bit about where all of this started for you. Some of our listeners have also demanded that we have you on and some have not heard of you. So help us understand where all of this started out for you?


Jen: Whest all the badass books started?


Scott: Well, let's even go back before that, what was the prompting prior to?


Jen: Well, I was bored  and well, my whole journey into sort of self development started when I was living in Anchorage in my early forties super broke, super an amused that I was in my forties and being such a loser and I was a freelance writer at that time, and I decided that I really had to get my act together in the financial department and so I started doing a lot of stuff that was very out of the ordinary for me. I was super snarky about the whole self help world, but I forced myself to read every self-help book I get my hands on a go to money making seminars, hiring life coaches like all stuff that I just roll my eyes that previously but when you desperate you do a lot stuff that doesn't feel quite so natural to you and lo and behold it really works. And I started working with a coach and started a new online business and basically tripled my income in a couple of months, which was like, growing a third heads for me because I have two, a second head. It was so miraculous and just I mean because honestly, I spent decades, identifying is somebody who was really bad at making money. So for me it literally was a miracle and so, in the process, I had read as I said, every self help book under the sun. And because I'm a writer. I was like, man, I could write the crop out of a self help book like, where are the ones that are really funny and tell stories and use curse words and all that stuff so, I decided to re my own and for a couple of reasons. One, because I wanted that was sort of, I want to read little bit more entertaining and a little bit more in your face. And I also really felt like there were so many people out there like me who wouldn't touch self development with a ten foot pole. And I was like maybe if I make a kind of edgy, it will open this genre up to a lot more people who could really use to help.


Scott: Was it, I couldn't find anything as I was reading through your books necessarily wasn't actually desperation that caused you to pick up all those books because I get that you had said, hey you know I didn't really necessarily want to do this but I did anyways


Jen: Oh yeah! total aspiration I mean, I really I just couldn't believe that I would say come on dude there’s all these more on out there making tons of money like if you’re thinking to it what’s my problem you know I mean there’s a lot very smart wonderful people doing it, but seriously, because I was like how hard can it be? I mean I was in a one car garage. Let's be clear here, and not


Scott: This was not a triple car garage in any reasons


Jen: It was not a triple car garage it was not nicely renovated like it was, you know, a grapple and yeah, I really realized that it wasn't going to happen doing it the way I was doing it so I had to change some stuff around  because I think that's what happens to a lot of us as we keep doing more the same we just work harder, because that's what we've been taught if you've got to work hard to make money so I just kept working harder so I was just more exhausted and making like you know ten bucks more a week

Scott:  What do you think so many of us believe that to be true? I encounter that every single day in any forum everywhere, like, are you to used work harder Jen? Like, just work hard. What do you think that are so pervasive?


Jen: I don't know. I think it's just, I think human beings get caught in the loops of thoughts


Scott: Yeah,


Jen: And we don't question and this is the main you know this is the first nugget of transforming your life is becoming aware of your thought loops and being like, and you know? I'm working my a** off and I'm not getting richer and also, if you think about that phrase for two seconds. You gotta work hard to be rich. All rich people would be really tired. You know, it doesn't make any sense. And I will tell you now that I average I work about an eight as hard as I used to when I was constantly my butt off to make money so, it's a lot of people. I mean, you certainly do have to work hard sometimes. But, that is not the recipe for changing your financial situation


Scott: And certainly not that alone by any means


Jen: Oh, yeah, I mean, working smarter is the key


Scott: Do one of the things that you discuss in your latest book is the concept of well, first of all the entire concept of the book is a many pieces to help you get there wherever there is for you. And one of the concepts that you mentioned in there is the idea of a motivational and spiritual gym. I’m curious if you could tell us a little bit about that idea and that concept.


Jen: Yes. You Are Badass Every Day which is the new book is more of like ,is this little tiny but mighty.


Scott: Tiny but mighty I like it.


Jen: Tiny but mighty. So, my other book go much more in depths into the, subconscious, and how that works and catching yourself on your thought, loops, and really sort of, dissecting on what's going on and how to turn it around and stuff like that. But you're badass every day is more, like, going to this, but I call the spiritual gym which is so, you know, what to do, you know, that you have to watch your thoughts words and believes, you know, you have to be very diligent about training, you're focused on stuff that makes you strong instead of stuff that makes you feel like you want jump out a window. You've got to be conscious of your energy. You've got to be conscious hang out with you've got to listen to music that pumps you up you got to say affirmation and meditate. And there's all of the things that you can do to keep your muscle of motivation and confidence and beliefs and awesomeness strong. So I think what happens a lot of times is people read a self-help book, or go to a seminar, or take course or hanging out with really inspiring people. And you know you feel you could go out flip over the car or do anything and then a couple of days go by or a couple of hours go by and you start to slide back and I changed my life next week


Scott: Oh, I flip over the car later.

Jen: I flip over the car later and so, it's like going to any gym if you don't consistently work out the muscles you get flabby and weak. So, going to the spiritual gym means keeping yourself in that state of, you know, motivation almightyness. So, you're badass everyday there just it's all like, one page thoughts or two page story is just a little snippets. The spacely book full of reminders to keep you in that head space because everything is mindset. So, it’s a book full of a reminders to keep your muscles really strong.


Scott: I love that concept as a whole the idea of the motivational or spiritual gym and now we call that the similar concept  full immersion. Where you're immersing, yourself in environment of success, and what I'm curious though is, can you share with us a few different of those way you've covered, you've rattled off a few, but let’s go into depths on a few different ways, where people can create that environment, or create that, motivational and spiritual gym and make sure that that is there on a much more consistent basis.


Jen: Okay, it all comes down to specifics. You can't just to wing it. You have to know exactly what you're going to turn to stay strong. So that's the first little tidbit is what makes you feel mighty because for some people music doesn't do it, you know so for me music totally does it. So, it's not just I'm going to listen to inspirational  music I have a specific playlist that makes me feel like doing victory laps around my house.


Scott: What's on that playlists? I must know.


Jen: Oh, you must know. I’m so old school it’s actually embarrassing I was hang out my new

Scott: Oh no this is seems better.


Jen: Oh my God. Do I listen to anything that happened past, like 1986 I mean, huge Prince and Fan, huge Donna Summer fan of ACDC, ZZ Top, a Rolling Stones.


Scott: Awesome.


Jen: You know, I'm in my 50’s leads up one.


Scott: Love it


Jen: Anyway, so music is a huge changer for me it completely take me out of one state and put me in another. I'm a big hiker, big nature freak. So, getting out in nature and you know half of my way up in the hill is a big one for me. I meditate as often as possible. When I was going through it I was always every morning. I would read for, at least ten minutes on some kind of self development book and I think this one, I feel like really is an important one either reading or listening to something inspirational every morning because it reminds you of how powerful you truly are also it reminds you how easy transforming your life is we've been taught that it's like it big, you know, you're going to be exhausted in just adding more work to your over already overwhelming life and man, it really is about mind shift you know mindset shifting your mindset. So, and it's a hell of a lot easier than strapping and struggling in feeling hopeless and feeling stuck so I really want to stress that point it's not easy, it just, you just gotta do it. What else listening to stuff having a mastermind partner meeting with somebody, you know, a couple of times a week on the phone were each of you talk for 15 minutes about what you're doing and staying accountable to each other.


Scott: The thing that I’ve always struck I've got a lots to them. However, I love the ones that you have mentioned here in the thing that struck me, both in reading your books and also at the same time, just observing many people that have been successful in the areas that they want to be successful. And is that there isn't necessarily a perfect combination it is more about what is the right combination for you and even right now too as a change and evolve as well


Jen: Totally and that's such a good point totally


Scott: what is your current combination knowing that whatever you say and if you're listening to those, you shouldn't run out there and immediately implement gyms combination. But I'm super curious what combination aside from the music and the amazingly awesome and pre 1986 playlist what else is working for you here right now.


Jen: Right now, I'm in such a good spot right now that I don't need the support of that so much anymore. So as you said, it changes, as you go through phases. So I still meditate because I still that is super important to me to stay in touch with, you know, my highest self and my intuition. I'm obsessed, you know, and then, and you are badass every day. I go much deeper into the fact that we're energetic creatures living in an energetic universe and so i'm really diligent about locking that talk and being very in touch with the energy that i choose to connect within myself so a lot of meditation and a lot of connecting with my fellow which is as i like to call it and you know masterminding with people who keep me in that zone help keep me strong that way. And then music and hiking those are the two things and being really conscious of you know what is bringing me joy and like, what do I need to do with my life now that I'm at this new level that  will bring me joy and be of the biggest service to others because that changes as we change. So, just really keep checking in to see where I'm at now and what I feel I'm supposed to be doing.


Scott: I love that concept of continually filtering in or filtering out. Those things that bring you joy or don't bring me cry.


Jen: Right


Scott: And, you know, I find that this can be the physical space, like, a week we perpetually have a, we literally in our garage have we stacking deck of stuff to donate to a variety of places because we've decided those things whatever they are no longer bring us joy, or do you think somehow came into our house and we don't really want them there. Cause they don't bring joy. So can certainly be that way, but I think that there's other ways too and I'm curious, if you can expand on that for everybody, who's listening? What are some examples of things or situations that might bring you joy versus not you mean only when say that


Jen: You know again it gets into specifics. So people are just like, you know I’m unhappy. I'm lonely I'm I don't have any energy and you sort of leave it at that and that vagueness is gets you nowhere or it's just like this squishy blurry place. So, getting into the specifics are the key to freedom. So I was like, okay, so, you know, the books I selling, I have this wonderful opportunity with the badass friends and what I'm doing, you know, what do I want to do next? Like, what would really be fun? And that’s okay. What brings me the most joy? Hanging out people I love. Laughing my bad off and being creative and collaborating. So, for me, I've been in Austin or for, like, 20 years and a writer and those are very solitary endeavors. And so I gotta start hanging out with people I love more and making that my job. So I’ve started to write comedy with my friends, which is so much fun. So I'm still doing badass stuff and I'm still speaking and writing the books and I love love love all that. But for me, collaborating on comedy, I realize it's something that is for fun some writing, a TV show and on a screenplay with two separate friends.


Scott: That is amazing and fun.


Jen: It’s really fun. Yes, it is, you know, and then I take some charities that are really important to me that I want to get even more involved with be on just donating money. So, I'm talking to the people who run those charity to see how I can further their causes. What else, I'm renovating the house, I just bought my first house, and I have on least a design maniac that I did not know lived within me. So if you want to spend the rest of this time talking about that sometimes, I’m totally in


Scott: Oh, we're in the same space so that is very possible


Jen: Oh, really?


Scott: Yes,


Jen: I grab it. So you know, but these are all very specific thing. So I think you got to sit down and make a list of what brings me joy, is it travel, is it the creativity, is it would it be getting a new job, but what is that new jobs look like. Do you need some new friends, what are their qualities getting very clear and then going out and making yourself create that because we are on this planet for a very short time and spending the four minutes that it takes to write down some specifics of what would better your life is time extremely well spent.


Scott: You've mentioned becoming conscious of your energy and certainly paying attention to what brings you joy is one of the ways to do that. But I'm also curious, you know, when when you say, being conscious of your energy, first of all, what you really mean by that, and how can we do more of that?


Jen: Being conscious of your energy from me really means getting again back to the joy, getting clear on what brings you joy and especially, if you're in the mode of  transformation, which I'm sure everybody listening is, you know, what is it you're trying to achieve, what is this next level that you're working to get to? And embodying that energy of what that looks like. So walking around as if you are ready exist in that new space, so how do you carry yourself?  What are the specifics of your new life look like? who do you hang out with? How do you speak? What do you wear? what are you talk about? So, getting into that energetic of the new reality that you are so excited to create. So, that then you raise your frequency to that new level, and you start to notice things that you were not previously noticing when you were at the lower level, and accepting that environment, as your reality, it's super unicorny when I'm talking about, but it totally works. And I'm obsessed with it. I really if we can be diligent about that and play with it, you know, like if that whole sort of water drop it in the ocean thing where we are the water drop that we are in control of our little water droplet cells but we are also part, you know, in the ocean and so you are of yourself and you are also of the entire universe so when you shift your energy just in that one water drop, it drops in the ocean, you affect all of the energy in the universe because you are part of that energy flow. So shifting your energy, shifts everything in the universe and that is then how you manifested on the physical plane.


Scott: That is something that I have found to be true again and again, I don't think I am 15 years ago, or something.


Jen: Oh, my God.


Scott: Like I think I’ve I don't know if I were to say unicorny, but something similar. However, I have seen evidence of that  again and again, and I'm curious, do you have a story of how that works? Or maybe, an example of how that has work and your know, when you witness it with you, or somebody else, or in your own life?


Jen: Oh my God I see it over and over. But this is like, someone like, do you have any good jokes and like yeah, I got billion. I can't think of a single one, although I can think of one single one. I got one that I wrote about it in my book of when I was working with my coach to make some dmoney and we were so it’s a long story but basically you know, she's like, you know, you can double your rate, you can offer this new program you can blah, blah, is you're working on all of these things and I was like, gosh, you know, I was coaching with this man, like, a year ago I was his coach and we stopped working together. I hadn't heard  from him in an entire year. I was like I wonder, maybe I could reach out to him, because I was help it to make a certain amount of money that week actually, and I say, I wonder if he'd be interested in working with me again. I don't even know where he is. I don't even know how to  contact him and I was still on the phone with my coach and I was in a fever of intention like, I was making this happen I was knocks thrown around anymore. I was stepping up into this whole other realm of possibility for myself, and I was really doing all the work all the time and so while I'm on the phone with her discussing reaching out to him. I look down in my email and he has reached out to me. I have not heard from this man in one year, and he had reached out to me with an email that said, let's roll I'm ready to work with you again what are you charging  these days?


Scott: That was more than just a drip in the ocean.


Jen: So f*** it up hot water. Yeah,  it was made my hair stand up. It was amazing.


Scott: That’s fantastic we’ve seen some really very similar things too you know I’m thinking of one person that we work with his name is Rushie and he had been in a situation where, you know, just not enjoying life, not doing his job. All kinds of different things and fast forward after he ended up getting to a place where he was much enjoying, enjoying work, enjoying life started really contributing to a charity in the Atlanta area. Like it really great cause that had to do with how to do with helping people in the local community and like launched themselves into that and because he had all this newfound energy then he was able to go and contribute and make all of these really great impacts a really short period of time, and it was just interesting to see that because we're talking a period of like five months like


Jen: Wow.


Scott: Yeah and that's one of the things that I've observed entries your opinions on this. It seems like, when people make changes big transformation in their lives looking back, it always feels so short or, at least it has to be and that's one of the comments that I've heard again and give it a curious, you know how have you experienced that? And do you see some of the same things? What is that like, in terms of reference of time that it takes for transformation? What did you found?


Jen: You know it's interesting. I've seen both and I do believe that it has to do with we think we're in energetic, but deep down we've still got a belief that it's not possible for us or we don't deserve it and we're going to get in trouble. You know, so when you're in the mode of manifestation, and you're being really diligent about watching your energy, and it's just not happening you've got to pause yourself. You know that’s why meditation is so good and guided meditation especially that focus on whatever topic it is you're, you know, presently obsessed with because then you hear yourself, pull up that objection. You know what I mean it's like, well, you know money flow to me easily and freely if you're going to try and change your finances you’re listening to some guided meditation about money. It's like, no, it doesn't, it never will, you know, like, it'll come up. It will come up.


Scott: Yeah,


Jen: You will feel that inner E but if you are in the flow. Oh, my gosh. I mean that story, I just told you, you know, my goal was to make $10,000 and I think it was a week, and I ended up making it in 24 hours, because I was making like $28,000 dollars a year, so that was you know sort of my annual income.


Scott: We call it substantial.  


Jen: Yes, thank you.


Scott: Very good. I don't know if you intend to do it this way. So I listen to your latest book on an audible and parts of it felt very much like a guided meditation as I was listening. So, I wasn't sure if part of that was the intention or,


Jen: Yeah.


Scott: Not necessarily, but I kept observing like, how much, it's like an honest look like a good two thirds of this feels like, guided meditation in a good way and


Jen: Yeah, I told you, I went more down unicorn later on this one. I've never done guided meditation in my other books, but I because I'm so much more focused on the energy in this book, I think I got to stick some meditation for the people in here.


Scott: Well, that was very cool. And very, very helpful too. Is I was both reading and doing the research knowing that we're going to chat here. Now I also in the same book learned about scruffy.


Jen: Oh Scruffy


Scott: Oh scruffy, Can you tell us about scruffy?


Jen: Sure, Scruffy was a stuffed animal that I had when I was a kid that was this dog that sort look like roadkill. I think somebody wanted buried was like, oh, I Hate all Scruffy was missing an eye and the store, and I named him Scrappy after our neighbors West Highland terrier because he left just like, a dog and one day I was hanging out with Scruffy and sort of dressing him or something. And I realized that he had these pointy ears and there’s little pink nose and a really long tail and all of the sudden this toy that I had for years and years and had known as a dog. I realize that Scruffy was a cat. He wasn't a dog and I mean, I'm telling the story and it like, I can still feel that this like strike of fear in my chest I was like


Scott: No,


Jen: Oh my God it was just so shocking and so, I compare this in the book to this is how it can be in our lives. Like, we just kept accept things as truth because that's what we see around us. So, if our parents tell us, you got to work, really hard to make money, or that you know, relationship are never fun you know men or women soccer will cheat on you, you know, that everybody in our family has a slow metabolism. So you can't possibly lose weight whatever the truths are that you've just been walking around, like, this is the way it is like not ever even questioning  then when you wake up and start doing this work and, you know, through the first step of really being aware of what your thoughtfully your words are and being like, wait, a second are some people who have happy relationships in this world, you know, Danny snap out of and you're like, oh, my God. I have been subscribing to a belief system. That not only doesn't work for me, but really, it's not true and so that is on it's such a liberating thing and it's essential. If you want to change your life,


Scott: I think one of my Scurffy as a cat moments, was for me one of those beliefs was around not being a “I’ll be a finisher” because I think how I would describe and you know part of the reason I had made so many career changes over the years and on the outside look very successful because each time you moved up and, you know, dollars paid and all this benefits, desirable jobs and etc. but part of that was coming from a place of not like starting things, and not believing that I can finish them so instead jumping on to something else and


Jen: Interesting


Scott: That was it took me  a good 10 plus years to really reconcile with that like, there's a cat here. I could actually finish something so I appreciated that story on many multiple levels.


Jen: Interesting and then the thing that happened is also is then you're, like, I have 10 years of proof that I’m not a finisher. So you know for me, I had the same thing, like, I have 40 years of proof that I suck at making money. So really is you have to have the audacity to go against the quote unquote proof and choose something else.


Scott: Yeah. Absolutely. What do you think for you aside from discovering, that your stuffed animal that you had journey with was no longer the dog that you knew it could be. What do you think one of those biggest moments was for you, I know you talked about a variety of them in all of your books, but what stands out?


Jen: You know one moment I had, when I was forcing myself to go all these financial seminars with book, coach etc,. I was at a seminar and this coach was on stage talking about a new coaching program and he was offering and it was $85,000 to work with him privately, and that was like you have to fly to the bone and back to work with me. I was like, that's not even what does that even mean house money like, what? what is that? There's no way. Like, there's no way that my $28,000 a year ask even take in that information. And, but, because I was on this journey. And I was like, okay anything as possible you have to step up. And so, I was like I'm going to work with this guy I am going to figure out how to pay him $85,000. So, instead of going to my immediate need your responses was I can't afford that to my monitor at that time money flows to me easily and freely I was I set it all the time every time I wanted to say, I can't afford it. I forced myself to say, money flows to me easily and freely. So that's what I said, and by opening myself, I’ve just to act opening myself up to that possibility, it brought up, like, from the bottom of the sea covered in seaweed and slime like, my deepest reason that I had never noticed before myself about why Jen Sincero cannot make money or get rich. I had this flash of visual vision of my dad is standing there with his hands in his pockets, looking at the ground really sad. It was so clear and I in that flash realize, I can't get rich because one of the ways my dad shows me love is to give me twenty bucks every once in awhile and if I don't need his money, I don't need his love and I basically stabbing him in the heart, and it was so profound and I really think  a lot of people have that one where they don't want to out sign their parents are the people they love. So they stay small and that really was the life changing for me.


Scott: It’s really. I find it fascinating like how quickly our bringing can go through well my dad's does not could be able to do that end up going to be stabbing him in the heart, which you said out loud afterwards. of course you can make sense that you know that's not going to happen, but it's fascinating that we do that every day in many different cases if we're not careful to ourselves or we're not aware of what is going on behind the scenes are subconsciously, or those underlined, beliefs, or those mental barriers that left on your draft. So, one of the things that I have heard you say it again and again is by putting yourself in those situations or by forcing  yourself in one way or another to bring in other beliefs to say, monitors or any number of these things can cause you to bring those up or cause you to have easily wrestle with those when you don't even know that  those underneath the surface in that way. So absolutely love that. Other ways


Jen: Yes that’s,


Scott: Oh, go ahead.

Jen: Yeah, I mean, the other ways it really, it's all about getting uncomfortable. So, if you're not uncomfortable or scared to take that like, how uncomfortable was that like, even consider $85,000 like that was like, throw up uncomfortable. So, you know, for everybody, it's different, but if you don't get out there and do stuff, that really pushes against some kind of resistance for you, you're not going to have these epiphanies because you are staying in your known comfortable world and staying with what's the familiar, you've got to push yourself out the unfamiliar ask that person out that quote unquote out of your lead, or go to a seminar that you'd be horrified of your friends busted you at, or, you know, say affirmations, it feel completely weird and out of reach for you, or you know, hang out with people who are doing much better than you whatever it is that there's so many things you can do that. You've got a call. It's like, besides the same coin, excitement and terror. And that's what you're looking for that. You know, we're not looking for the kind of fear of, like, throwing yourself in front of bus would bring up, but it's that terror and also that the flip side of it is oh, my God. When you looked at your meeting, if I coach, I paid $85,000 for that. I found that kind of money for Holy crop  like, who would be in that moment so, as terrifying as it is exciting, that's the sweet spot you're looking for.


Scott: Absolutely love that. I also know that in many of your books are about that mode of transformation for about, shall we say I don't know getting what's on the other side of that mode of transformation. I'm not totally sure how you would describe that necessarily overall, but I'm really, really curious for you, you know, after you have gotten to the goal, or after you achieve the thing, or after you have been envisioning whatever it might be for many many years what is happening for you, after you have gotten there? and after you have achieved that, what was that look like for you individually, do you immediately move onto the next thing do you have I don't know. Celebration after for help me understand and here's the reason why I’m asking, this is even though many people are here listening, because they're in mode of  transformation to this show. I'm curious for myself, a little bit because I found many many times when I've reached, like, really big things that most people would consider impossible. Then I will go through. I personally we'll go through a period where it's like, this is awesome. And then sometimes it say now what afterwards? and it’s a over many years I reconcile with that part of it in different ways before next things up to you? So I’m curios, what that’s like for you?


Jen: Well, it's the same and I think, you know, you're the process of being alive is the process of growing, like just look in nature, like, everything keeps growing until it dies. So, we're the same. So once you get the one a new exciting level. I also by the way totally believe in celebrating in a very skilled celebrator you know, then it becomes new normal right? so,


Scott: Yeah.


Jen: It becomes a new normal. So it's not something that you're like, high five about every day because it just who you are now and it's wonderful. And then you start to look around and be like, okay now what and there's have you ever heard that expression new level, new devil.


Scott: I have no, I feel like I should have. However, I kinda love it.


Jen: So there's always something we're screwed up about. I mean, there's always something that we can push ourselves to grow through and learn from right? Or is there a big fat school so do you conquer one demon and then you're like all right but I could really upgrade my situation and this sector of my life. So I think absolutely we look around and we have now and the university always provide an hour for you. So


Scott: Whether you want it or not


Jen: So don’t worry. Yes, exactly


Scott: It’s for universal guarantee I suppose. Well,  I appreciate that on many different levels and I appreciate you taking the time and making the time here and this has been a ton of fun. And the new book, by the way is “You Are A Badass Every Day”, how to keep your motivation strong your vibe high in your quest for transformation unstoppable, where can people get that? Where can people buy many many copies of that and where can they learn more about you?


Jen: Well, they can do it all at the same place. If you go to my website, you can actually get to my website by either going to www.https://YouAreABadass.com or www.https://JenSincero.com they both fleet the same place and it's J E N S I N C E R O, dot com. It's like the word sincere with the O and the end.


Scott: Perfect. Well, head on over there and I have, I read the book enjoyed immensely and even more enjoyed having you in person. So I really, really appreciate it and thank you so much Jen.


Jen: And thank you so much. It was excellent. I really appreciate it and say hi to your mom for me.


Scott: I absolutely will. I'm leaving that part in at the end. Fantastic. Hey! seriously. Thank you this has been amazing and any other way that I can help you? We will spread some news about the book we just launched a couple of days ago right? Two days ago?


Jen: Yeah. Just the 4th


Scott: Congratulations.


Jen: Thank you so much. Yeah let us know when that is on and we will get as well.


Scott: All right, perfect.


Jen: Thanks so much  


Scott: Have a great one.


Jen: You too. Bye bye.


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