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Kathy, Wilkes

HTYC Executive Assistant

on this episode

It’s been over 8 years and FOUR HUNDRED Episodes here at Happen To Your Career! 

We couldn’t have done it without you! So in this special episode of HTYC our team member Kathy Wilkes takes over the podcast and interviews Scott Anthony Barlow. 

Here’s what you get to learn:

  • What got Scott past the fears to say “I am doing this” when creating HTYC? 
  • How is HTYC different now compared to when episode 1 was released?
  • What is Scott’s favorite sport and why is it Hockey? 
  • How Kathy gets out of her comfort zone even though she’s not super comfortable taking over the host seat
  • And so many more surprise pieces of history about Happen To Your Career!

Success Stories

he hardest part was getting over fitting myself into a job board. Because after about a decade of following job boards and what careers were trending in on the up rise, you really get in this holding pattern of not acknowledging what you want. It was you and your podcast and your CCB program. So, more background, I went through your CCB program a year ago. But yeah, I finished it less than a year ago. And some of the tools are you have us design this ideal career profile. And so, you make us acknowledge all of these different aspects and put it together in one sheet. And so, it really visually lays it out that you can combine them.

Allison Curbow, Career Solutions Coach, United States/Canada

I was able to negotiate a higher salary, accepted the offer and I can not be happier! You truly helped make this process as painless as possible! I would (and will) recommend your services to anyone and everyone looking for a new job (or current job pay raise).

Kevin Larsen, Manager of Maintenance, United States/Canada

“Happen To Your Career forces you to ask questions that didn’t occur for you to ask. You are working with professionals who have not only been in your shoes but are really good at helping other people get out of this place. Intuitively they know more than you do about this process especially if it's your first go around. Why not tap into that insight? What made it clear to me from the beginning was the 8 day email program.” OR “I said this is how much money I have in the bank Scott. This is what I’ve got to work with I need to buy a car. We wrote a budget. Just doing the math you were like you have thirteen months. You are losing money staying where you are. That was all I needed. To budget myself and realize it was real.”

Audrey Romagnoulo, HR Benefits Administrator, United States/Canada

Testing out different organizations and talking to people, that was really when I started to see the light! I think that really jump-started me! okay now I can really start to figure out where I’m going to go next.

Linnea Calderon, Sr VP of Emerging Products, United States/Canada

Thank you both for inspiring me to always ask, "Why NOT me?" and stick to my values for what I want for my life. I couldn't be happier and more excited for this new life!

Lisa Schulter, Special Projects Manager, United States/Canada

I wanted to thank you because you have helped me land a job that is more fulfilling in every way than a job I thought I could have had before I met you. The work you did and the techniques you taught me literally changed my life.

Eric Murphy, Science Teacher, United States/Canada

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