233: A Private Conversation: Our Own Perfectionism On The HTYC Team And How We Handle It.


How do you know when your perfectionism is getting in the way of your progress? Or is it what helps you to be successful. Or is it somewhere in between.

A short while back, we released a podcast episode on “perfectionism” and how you might not even know it’s holding you back.

We got great feedback on this episode from many of our listeners. Caroline Adams and I scheduled a follow-up conversation to debrief on the podcast and what we learned from creating a podcast on perfectionism. Ironically we discovered on creating a podcast on perfectionism that our own perfectionist tendencies had reared their ugly head.

This turned into a private conversation about where perfectionism becomes an issue for both of us. We go deep into where it’s caused challenges for our own lives and work… Even when we began this conversation we never intended it to become a podcast. We’re sharing it with you because we also discuss how we each individually handle the perfectionism when it pops up ready to hold us back!

If you haven’t already listened to episode 226, I would listen to that first and then dive into an internal conversation on our team about working with perfectionism rather than against it! Then listen and let us know what you think at hello@happentoyourcareer.com

Want to read the entire episode instead? Read the Transcript below or download it here!