15: Paul Colaianni: Be Authentic, No Matter What The Cost

Paul Colaianni, HTYC, Happen To Your Career

Paul Colaianni is the host of the The Overwhelmed Brain Podcast and blog where he helps people live a peaceful and stressfree life. Paul’s career journey has included several different companies, industries and jobs in search for what he is passionate about.  Paul is a self described “late-bloomer” in his career.  It wasn’t until his 40’s that he discovered his passion.

In this interview Scott and Paul talk about finding your passion and how you can do so.

Be yourself, be honest, be who you are, no matter what the cost.

Key Take-aways

Part of finding your passion includes learning what you are not passionate about.

Determine what you want out of life.

Take control of what you want in life (don’t wait for others)

Discover Your Strengths

Why do you want to do what you want to do?

What do others tell you you’re good at?

What did you enjoy doing as a kid

As a kid we’re creating the foundation of what we’ll enjoy doing for the rest of our lives.

What Inspires Paul Colaianni?

Changing people’s lives.  Feeling like he’s made a difference.

When everything feels right–and then getting validation.

“Be yourself, be honest, be who you are, no matter what the cost.”

Who Inspires Paul Colaianni?

Former Manager at former job – Organized, stood up to people.  Learned to be assertive

His wife

“If I’m not following what I’m really passionate about, then I’m compromising myself everyday when I go to work.”

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