Sunday Jerk Syndrome, HTYC, Happen To Your Career

In this episode, Scott and Mark talk about how your career and professional decisions affect your personal and family life…and vice versa.  The only way to find true happiness is to address all aspects of your life and determine what you want in each of them.

Your Career isn’t an Island…

Scott and Mark share great stories about how their career choices affected his financial life, family life, health and several other areas. Being intentional about what you want in all aspects in your life will help you find a job that is more sustainable. Mark is diagnosed with having “Sunday Jerk” syndrome in his prior job…

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What are the pitfalls?
  • Not being intentional
  • Settling for an “ok” position
  • Circumstances Change…not continually defining what’s important
5 Areas of Your Life

We use these 5 areas in our HTYC Coaching Profile

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Define in each of these areas: The ideal, and the minimum.

Health Your health will dictate what you can or can’t do.  Careers/Jobs with long schedules and physically demanding responsibilities may be difficult depending on your health.

Personal Growth/Development What’s important to you as far as growth and development opportunities?  What areas do you want to grow in?

Family/Social What interaction do you want with people in and out of your job? What sort of time do you want to be able to spend with your family?  What type of flexibility do you want to spend time with your family?

Financial This is much deeper that just “applying dollars”.  Have a realistic idea of what you need, financially, to take care of yourself and your family. Define financial goals.

Environment Where do you want to be in the country? What type of environment do you want to work in? Where do you want to spend your time? What type of neighborhood do you want to live in? What type of schools do you want your kids to go to?  

Don’t think just because everyone else wants it, you have to want it too…

Each of these areas overlap and affect the other 4 areas – be prepared for that to happen!  

You can’t compartmentalize your life

You will only have what you want in your life to the extent you are intentional about it.