working and living abroad

There are so many people that dream of working and living abroad. And if it's not the dream of living and working abroad, it's the dream of having the freedom to do such a  thing.

It's an unconventional life, but when has HTYC ever been about following the unspoken “norm” of society?

Here at HTYC, we thrive on new ideas and breaking out of the mold of what we like to refer to as “the traditional path of success.”

Scott and Alyssa, have just recently returned home (to Washington state) from a 6-week stint of living abroad.

Today's show features their experience of bringing their family to Europe to live and work abroad.

Scott and Alyssa share the challenges they encountered with not only trying to take in as much of the European experience as possible, but as business owners, they had to do their fair share of work, while trying to balance their family life.

In the podcast, they chat about their biggest takeaways of their work experience abroad and share their thoughts on why you may want to consider working abroad.

Listen here!

Working and Living Abroad: What You Will Learn

  • It is entirely possible to travel and work at the same time
  • How to get the most important work done (to experience the culture around you)
  • How to re-evaluate not only your work priorities, but also your belongings and life in general
  • Routine is the enemy of appreciation
  • Experience as a means of bringing you closer to your everyday relationships

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