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About Jeff Goins

Alright.  So, what does dating have to do with careers anyway?

As it turns out, a LOT actually. Jeff Goins, author of the new book The Art of Work, talks with us about power of commitment in finding, following , and succeeding in your “calling”, that thing you were born to do!

Jeff Goins has written four books to date.  His latest, The Art of Work, draws from his own personal experiences in creating his career as a writer, as well as case studies and additional research to take the reader through a proven process for discovering the work they were meant for.  He shows us that our “calling”, whether we believe it or not, is as much about the rest of the world as it is about us.


No one succeeds in a vacuum.  It takes the support and guidance of others along the way.

“We do not get to where we’re going in life on our own. We need mentors and guides and supporters to get us there.”  – Jeff Goins

What's more, tackling life's challenges with a “go big or go home” attitude isn't always the best approach.  Often times, it will be the more gradual, intentional, and committed approach to these questions that leads us to our greatest successes and deepest longterm fulfillment.

Finding our true purpose, that “thing that endures” through the highs and the lows, the thing that leads us to making our mark on the world, only comes to us when we enlist the support of others and allow them to contribute to us and then stick around long enough to see what our dream can become!



Every story of success is a story of


What You Will Learn

  • The “dating vs. marriage” career analogy:  How by spending your life jumping from dream to dream (“date to date”), and never fully committing to any one dream, you will not see the reward, that “thing that endures”, the impact you might have had on the world.   Your level of commitment in whatever you choose to do directly correlates to the results you see.
  • The importance of having a strong network of supporters and mentors.
  • Why “building a bridge” vs. “taking the leap” from where you are to where you want to go, taking the gradual, “unsexy” approach might just be the best way to make a successful career transition.
  • How what you learn working for someone else can prepare you for starting your own business.
  • How to see pursuing your “calling” not as a selfish act, but as a responsibility to yourself and to those whose lives you will impact.

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Your turn!

What do YOU want to commit to but haven't been able to up to this point?  What difference would this commitment make in your life?  In your career?


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