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About Wendy Nolin

Do you want to level up your performance in an area of your life?

Have you considered working with a coach?

If not, this interview may change your mind.

Wendy Nolin is a firm believer in the power of investing in yourself. She is a self-described “professional ass-kicker” and “agent of change” who was able to get unstuck in her own career through working with a coach and now she coaches executives and business owners, helping them to achieve their highest potential.  She's the author of the new book, Own Your Greatness:  Be, Do, and Have All That You Deserve.

Coaches are like the hand on the back of your bicycle seat when you’re just starting to learn how to ride, guiding you along while you pedal and build your skills and your confidence, until you’re ready to ride off on your own. Whether you want to improve your performance in some area of your life, your business, or your career, or if you just want to pick up a new skill, coaching provides a powerful and effective way of getting to your desired outcome MUCH faster.

Wendy Nolin

What You Will Learn

  • What you can do right now if you’re stuck in a career that doesn’t fit you or a job that you hate to begin moving toward what you should be doing.
  • Why asking for help is a sign of intelligence, not weakness – How you can save yourself time and stress, and move forward faster with a coach.
  • How YOU can get on the path to owning your greatness!

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Wendy Nolin

 Own Your Greatness:  Be, Do, and Have All That You Deserve by Wendy Nolin



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