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A career change podcast for people who don’t want to settle. Stories of how high performers find meaningful work.

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Louie Rankin

June 19, 2023

520: Finding Fulfillment After Regretting A Career Change

June 12, 2023

519: Leading on Empty: Navigating Burnout with Dave Stachowiak

on this episode Let’s talk about something that hits close to home for a lot of people these days: burnout. The past few years have been rough on workers worldwide, with disengagement and exhaustion on the rise. In fact, a recent Deloitte survey revealed that a whopping 70% of executives are seriously contemplating a job […]

June 5, 2023

518: Is Starting Your Own Business Right for You?

on this episode Starting your own business has become very popular these days, but it’s not for everyone. Often people confuse their desire for more freedom and flexibility with the need to become their own boss, and without getting into too much detail, I’ll just say that is not the best way to gain autonomy, […]

May 22, 2023

516: From Stuck To Thriving: Overcoming Career Change Challenges To Find Meaningful Work

on this episode If you knew for sure that a career change would lead you to more fulfilling work, would you take the plunge? Let’s be real, folks—career change isn’t a smooth, straight highway. It’s more like a winding, unpredictable, bumpy path. And most of the time it takes a lot longer than people initially […]

May 15, 2023

515: Setting Boundaries at Work with Rachael Robertson

on this episode Whether it’s responding to emails as they come into our inbox, no matter the hour, or agreeing to meetings after our established working hours, setting boundaries at work has become increasingly challenging. Today’s technology makes it almost too easy to think we have to “always be on.” Learn how to set healthy boundaries […]

May 8, 2023

514: Change Roles Internally: An Unexpected Path to Your Ideal Career

on this episode If you’re looking for your ideal career, and you’ve decided it’s time to take that first step and make a change, your first instinct may be to run far away from your current role. This is the role that is leaving you bored, unfulfilled, burned out, unchallenged (insert negative emotion you are […]

May 1, 2023

513: Get The Raise You Deserve Without Leveraging Outside Job Offers

April 24, 2023

512: How to Talk to Your Kids About Their Future Career

Do you remember the first time you were asked what you wanted to be when you grew up? It’s a question we’ve all heard, and we’ve all asked. But what if I told you that this seemingly harmless question could be holding kids back from thriving in their careers? The truth is, we’re conditioned to […]

April 17, 2023

511: Career Change at 50: You’re Never Too Old or Too Busy

on this episode Starting a new career later in life can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. As we age, we may feel like we’re too set in our ways to change, or that time is running out. However, the truth is that a career change can be just what […]

April 10, 2023

510: How To Turn Rejection Into An Opportunity With Your Ideal Organization

on this episode Figuring out your next role can seem almost impossible if you’re trying to switch industries. Especially if all of your experience has been in the industry you are trying to leave.  Jenna had been a bedside RN for her entire career, but no matter where she worked, she always felt misaligned. She […]

April 3, 2023

509: Should I Quit My Job Without Another Lined Up?

You jolt awake to your alarm clock blaring and realize it’s Monday morning. You hit snooze one (or ten) times and wish you could rewind the clock to Saturday.  The familiar feelings of dread, burnout, and boredom fill you, and you find yourself asking “should I just quit?”  In that moment of complete dread, it […]

March 27, 2023

508: From Soul Crushing to SoulCycle: How Steph Made the Leap to Work She Loves

on this episode What if you didn’t have to escape your job? What if the place you were your happiest and the place you found your solace was actually where you worked?  Steph transitioned out of the military after serving 7 years as a Marine Corps Officer. She then landed a job with Amazon, and […]

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