There are milestones in your life that make you re-evaluate your career path – you decide to move to a new city, you get married, you start a family, or you have to take care of your parents when they grow old.

No matter what type of change prompts you to rework your career journey, there are always ways to improve your situation and stay ahead of the career change game.

Today’s show features Enrico Torres, an unassuming entrepreneur with a work ethic that perseveres through constant improvement. He spent over two decades working as a restaurant kitchen manager and a roofer before deciding that he needed a change (for the better) to accommodate his new life as a father.

His motto of making yourself indispensable continues to carry him through his ever-evolving career changes as he believes in focusing on working harder to improve yourself – skills and overall knowledge, to be better than the last guy that had your job.

Listen as Enrico shares his biggest takeaways from starting his business from scratch, while working his day job. He talks openly about his experience of making his dream happen and how the hustle never stops, especially when you become an entrepreneur!


Enrico Torres, founder and CEO of AppendMe®, a new social Ecommerce app. AppendMe simplifies social, letting you share pictures and videos to other social networks with one tap, and text and chat with friends. It’s with an innovative and entrepreneurial mentality that brought him to create this new app. He saw the void in the social media and Ecommerce market and set out to build an app that would serve the people. Being able to have a space to share his innovative visions while working as a roofer during the day has helped him fill the creative voids he had in his day-time career.

  • Continuing to learn and grow your skill sets (in any industry) will help you flourish and become indispensable
  • Stepping-up your career and committing to your career change is a big risk, but the benefits you’ll reap in the end are worth all the hard work you put in
  • Go for it…Take a can even slowly start building towards your goals because you don’t want to regret not taking that chance at the end

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Introduction 00:00
This is the Happen To Your Career podcast, Episode 158.

Enrrico Torres 00:04
I worked in the restaurant business for over 12 years, you know, but then it was time to change, so then I jumped into the construction business. I really like, I like working with my hands, you know, I'm one of those guys that just wants to keep working with his hands. As I started getting older, I realized, you know what, I'm not gonna be able to do this, always, you know. So I either have to either build a crew, so that I can manage them and do that, or find something better to do. So about four and a half years ago, that's when I ran the idea by my wife and I told her "Honey, what do you think about us starting our own social platform?" and she's like, "honey, you don't even know how to send an email."

Introduction 00:42
Hey HTYCers, if you've been struggling to figure out work that fits you then join our eight-day free mini course, all you have to do is text HTYC to 38470. That's HTYC to 38470 or simply visit, that's See you there.

Scott Anthony Barlow 01:13
This is Happen To Your Career, we help you stop doing work that doesn't fit you, figure out what does and then make it happen. Whether you're looking to do your own thing, or find your dream job, you've come to the right place. I'm Scott Barlow.

Scott Anthony Barlow 01:31
This is Scott Anthony Barlow, and you are listening to Happen To Your Career. This is the show that helps you figure out what work fits you by exploring other stories, we get to bring on experts like Bozi Dar who helps people leverage their strengths to advance their careers, or people that have pretty amazing stories like Kirby Verceles who ended up making the dream job transition not once, but twice. And these are all people that are just like you, because they have gone from where they are, to what they really want to be doing. There's people that are just like our next guest, Enrico Torres. And I got to tell you a little bit about this conversation with Enrico because when you listen, you're going to be able to continue to learn and grow your skill sets in any industry. And it's gonna help you understand how you can flourish and become indispensable. Pretty cool, right. So also, we're going to talk about how stepping up your career and committing your career change is actually a huge risk, or it feels like a huge risk, at least, but the benefits you'll reap in the end are absolutely worth it for all of this hard work that you put in. So also, we're gonna encourage you to go for it, whatever it is, take the chance, you can even start building towards your goals today because you don't want to regret not taking the chance in the end. So we've got 2017 coming up here. And I'm really excited for that. And I'm excited for all the people that we're going to be able to help and have an impact on and that gets me excited for you to listen to this conversation because this is somebody who's actually in the middle of it. A lot of times we've brought people that have "made the transition." But this is a little bit different. Enrico story is a ton of fun, first of all, he's just a really, really, really super nice guy. But at the same time, he is in the midst of making a transition. And he is working his tail off to make this happen. And a lot of times people don't get to see what happens in the middle of it. And even on this show, although we've brought a few people on that are in the midst, usually it's... "Hey look, we've made it. Here's after the fact looking back." So I want you to take a listen to this, it's going to be super cool. He's the founder and CEO of AppendMe which is new social ecommerce app and he's created this from the ground up to really fit both his life and what he believes he can put into the world that is valuable for other people very, very cool. So he's taken the risk on this and put a lot of his own money and hard work into this. And he spent over two decades prior to this working as a restaurant kitchen manager, a refer his work ethic and his motto is to constantly work harder to improve yourself both your skills and your overall knowledge to be better than the last guy in the job. And I think you're absolutely going to love it. So take a listen, right here, right now to my conversation with Enrico Torres.

Scott Anthony Barlow 04:38
Hey, and we are back for another week have Happen To Your Career. I am so excited today because I've got a guest where I think this is gonna be really fun. Plus, he's got an amazing story. I want to dive into that like always, but I want to welcome to the show, Enrico Torres. How are you?

Enrrico Torres 04:57
I'm doing well. How about yourself?

Scott Anthony Barlow 04:59
I am absolutely fantastic. I can't complain at all, and I am having better weather than you are. So I can't... you know, you're on the East Coast, I'm on the West Coast. And I love that we can have this type of conversation in the first place. But I'm really interested in how do you describe what it is that you do right now, you know, if we hadn't already had a chat before this and everything like that, and we met, not on the internet. And we're, you know, we are meeting in real life or whatever and, you know, ask you, what do you do? Well, how do you describe that to people right now?

Enrrico Torres 05:38
Okay, well, what I do is right now, I'm working in construction, installing roofs here on the East Coast. And then I'm also developing my software application, you know, a mobile application, which actually, we're also working on the web version of the application. So I guess you can say, I'm multitasking right now, you know, between both worlds, the grunt work and the actual techie world.

Scott Anthony Barlow 06:04
So I love that. And it's actually, to be quite honest, part of the reason why we're interested in talking to you on the show, because you're kind of in the thick of it right now. So many of our listeners are contemplating career changes, or in the beginning steps of making career changes. And you are kind of in the thick of it. And I think that for everybody, it's kind of a lifelong journey. But I was really hoping to be able to dive in and have a little bit more conversation about what is going on right now. But even before that, I'm curious, how did you even get to here? Where did this start for you? Where did the interest in this? You know, how did you get into roofing in the first place? How did all this, where did it begin?

Enrrico Torres 06:47
Okay, well, to make it, you know, as compact as possible here, I came here in '91 from South America. So I started working, I was 14, so I was going to school and then working in the restaurant business, I worked in the restaurant business for over 12 years, you know, but then it was time to change. So then I jumped into the construction business. So I was in my 20s, you know, mid 20s, or something like that, when I jumped into construction. I started working in construction, I really like, I like working with my hands. You know, I'm one of those guys that just wants to keep working with his hands. And then as I start getting older, I realized, you know what, I'm not gonna be able to do this always, you know, so I either have to either make, build a crew to something I can manage them and do that, or find something better to do. So about four and a half years ago, my daughter was born, and it really hit me, I'm like, I really need to come up with a better plan to make my life and the future of my kid, you know, better. So that's when I ran the idea by my wife and I told her, "Honey, what do you think about us starting our own social platform?" And she's like, "But honey, you don't even know how to send an email." So believe it or not, I didn't even know how to send an email. I didn't even have a smartphone. So I was gonna like, "Yeah, but there's Google, I guess I can try to google." She's like, "okay go ahead, you know, try it." So I did and that's how pretty much is being you know, as being a transition from washing dishes, cooking, executive chef to, you know, starting from the ground up, cleaning shingles, and then moving to sheet metal mechanics. So now I installed meta rules. And then about four and a half years ago, now we're talking software. So I'm still doing both because obviously, I have to pay for my dream, you know, because it's not free. So...

Scott Anthony Barlow 08:39
Wait, I got a hold on, it's not a free as it turns out?

Enrrico Torres 08:43
No, it's not. If anybody says is free, they're full of baloney. Yeah, nothing is free. You got to keep... you got to hustle. You know what I mean?

Scott Anthony Barlow 08:50
Yeah, nothing is free. At a minimum, it costs time, at a minimum.

Enrrico Torres 08:53
Exactly. And time is, you know, how it is. It's very valuable, especially when you have a kid if you know, you spend time building your dream, and it's like...

Scott Anthony Barlow 09:03
Yeah, absolutely. We've got three little kids.

Enrrico Torres 09:06

Scott Anthony Barlow 09:06
It's so nine through, I should know how old the last one is, he's gonna turn six. Well, they keep changing, I mean, if they said the same age, it'd be easier. But yeah.

Enrrico Torres 09:16
Yeah, right. I know right. Like, it's always like, I'm like, "honey, How old is she?" She's like, "Oh, my gosh." And I'm like, "I'm kidding."

Scott Anthony Barlow 09:26
I had to think about itt, I wasn't kidding for a few seconds but now I know. I'm super curious, though, about a couple of things, you know, just as you're kind of talking through that piece. What... as you were thinking about this type of, you know, social media platform and everything else. And you're like, "honey, I'll just, you know, there's Google. I'll just, you know, figure it out." Like, where do you think that type of approach or attitude or mentality or whatever you want to call that, where do you think that comes from for you? Because a lot of people wouldn't say that. They would say, "geez, I don't know how to do that. So why don't I find something else I, you know, think I can run easier or whatever else. Where does that come from?"

Enrrico Torres 10:07
Oh, yeah, believe me, yeah, exactly. That's... well, for me is I've always been, I don't know, I've always been a risk taker, you know, I'm always like, okay, let's do this. Let's just go for it. Like, I don't want to think about it, I just want to go for it. And then figure it out as we go on, you know, as we move along. So I've always had a little chip inside my head off, just taking chances, you know, I know, believe me, because when I started, I was kind of like, it was overwhelming at first. I mean, I didn't even know how to send an email for the love of God, every time I had to do something to my accountant, I'll be like, "honey, how do you send an email?" And she'd be like, "okay, here" and then she will show me and I will type it. So then I'm like, so now she's like, click send, you know, which is crazy, because now look at the platform I build. I mean, obviously, I didn't build I have my team, which without my team, I wouldn't have made you know, I tried it. But it was too much and not enough time during the day to try to code. My respect to all the coders out there. They're amazing. I mean, they can truly bring your vision to reality, it's truly amazing. I love my guys and girls, you know, because we have both, but yeah, it was just the feeling of I have to do this. I know I can do this. And not only that, I have a very busy mind. I mean, like crazy busy, like, I don't sleep, like normal people, like, you know, I sleep very little. So my wife is like this, "why should it keep your mind occupied? Because you're always, you know, thinking, you're always up, you can't sleep, you're always trying to figure out how to fix things, how to do things." So it worked out for me. Now, you know, I'm not saying it might work for everyone, but it definitely worked out for me.

Scott Anthony Barlow 11:49
Yeah, absolutely. So why this? Because I mean, from your story, it sounds like, well, hey, you know, social media, okay, let's do that. Why not? But I mean, why this? Why was this the thing that for you really resonated?

Enrrico Torres 12:05
For me, it was because I remember trying when I first started using the computers, right, and I remember looking at a couch, and I was looking at a couch on another platform. And then I went to another platform and that couch was there. So then I didn't understand. I was like, "wait a minute, how did these people know that I was looking at this couch." You know, to me, the concept was new. I didn't use computers. I didn't know anything. So I was kind of like, shit. There's somebody spying on me.

Scott Anthony Barlow 12:34
Just following me around.

Enrrico Torres 12:36
Exactly. So it really freaked me out literally, like it really genuinely freaked me out. And I was like, What the heck is going on? Why are they doing that? Like, you know, so then I was really scared, like, looking stuff. And I'm like, what are they doing and then I started looking at Google and then seeing more and more people concern and stuff. And I'm like, well, I'm really concerned too. Like, how hard can it be? You know, so it was kind of like, how hard can it actually be to do it, right? So then I was kind of like, okay, you know what, there's so many possibilities here, you can do so many things. This is perfect. I gotta dive into this. One is not really physical work is more mental, you know, so, I was like this will be perfect. I've been doing physical work for a long time. So this will be a good career change for me, you know, as I get older. So that's pretty much why you know, it's gonna like, I'm pretty sure I can do this in the creative part of it. I like to think of myself as somewhat creative.

Scott Anthony Barlow 13:38
So let's talk about that for just a minute because I think that a lot of HTYCers, that are listening right now, as I talked to people and have conversations and email back and forth with a lot of our listeners, they are creative, I don't think that all of them consider themselves to be creative. So I'm curious what you mean when you say a creative and then what you're kind of looking at that as?

Enrrico Torres 14:10
Right. Okay, well, you know, creative, when I'm saying creative I mean, "of being able to build something, visualize something" and like what you're saying right now about people being creative and then they don't think, I bet you a lot of times what happens is people express their ideas right to friends, family, people always shut you down. They're always like, "Oh, no, that's not gonna work. Somebody have already did and this and that." They don't really get us, we're kind of like suppresses your creativity. It's kind of like "Oh, man, I'm only supposed to do this one thing and one thing only" even though you're very alive inside but you know, because of all the negativity is gonna like you can really flourish you know, like, I'm a peacock let me fly but you can if you know, I know that's a line from Mark Wahlberg and I love that movie with Will Ferrell. I'm sorry, I'm getting sidetracked. But anyway, but yeah, so you know, it's kind of like creativity, like, I love being able to see something. And I'm like, okay, you know what, if you can do it this way, if we were to move something here, there, I'm like, that will be better. But you can't do that, like, when you look at existing platforms, you can... all you can do is send suggestions. And maybe they'll listen, maybe they won't, most of the time, they don't listen. And you know, you're kind of like, stuck with what they gave you. In my case, I was like, you know, what, if I build it, like, you know, the way I see it, like, if we can move this here, based on user's feedback, and everything I'm like, that's even better, you know, because it's enforcing my creative power. Okay, if we do this here, we put it there. So that's the part that I've really liked about what I'm doing now, on top of, obviously, my construction, because in construction, believe it or not, you can do the same thing. When people look at roofs, you know, we go up to the roof, and we're like, we look at a crazy detail, right? Most people get scared. And I'm like, "Oh, no, man, look, if we do it this way, we move to the right. How about if we put the metal here, we do this." And everybody's?, "I don't know if it's gonna work." And I can see it in my head working. So then when we execute it, then all of a sudden, everybody's like, wow, you were right. And I'm like, yeah, I love it. So I love... that's the drive, you know, that's what drives me just being able to create something. And in execution, obviously.

Scott Anthony Barlow 16:26
That's interesting. I think that most people at our cores, we enjoy some type of creation, I think, the 'how' it happens. And the 'what' you enjoy about creation is different for each person, and kind of personality strengths, whatever, but it really kind of seems that, I don't have any like scientific evidence on this, there's probably studies I could pull up or whatever they find out, but it really seems like kind of, at our core, we we're all... if you consider creative to be just, you know, the act of creating things, whether it be like solutions, or, you know, solving problems, or the opposite side where, I don't know, before we hit the record button, we're talking about how you stone a painting business, you know, you've been in roofing and in construction and everything like that. And that's something that I really enjoyed out of it, too. Like I enjoyed being able to as weird as it sounds, like I enjoyed being able to like look at a house and then talk to the type of the homeowner and say, "Oh, yeah, we can do this thing over here. And that's gonna make it have a completely different... arrange this color and put that over here and move that." And then all the things like that's a creative process.

Enrrico Torres 17:37
Correct. Yes. And then the homeowner at the end is happy because the homeowner cannot envision that than you could, you know, so yes.

Scott Anthony Barlow 17:44
Yeah. Interesting. You're making me think about some stuff a little bit differently. I like it. So why... I'm just curious, you know, when you made the first transition, like you're in the restaurant industry, and you decided, hey, look, I'm gonna go into construction. Like, what was that initial prompt? Or how did that happen? Or was there any thought process around that? Or did it just sort of...

Enrrico Torres 18:10
No, well, they're kind of was, because I wanted to do something better. I wanted to kind of step up in the world and make, you know, make a little bit more money as I was getting more there. I'm like, well, restaurants are limited, they can only pay you so much. And I figure we're looking construction. I know, I work pretty hard. So I'm like, I know, I can work my way up and see what happens where it takes me, you know, and that's pretty much how I jumped from the restaurant business to the construction business. Although it was hard at first because I didn't know anything about construction. I didn't know how to read the tape measure. I didn't know what tools were core. So it was very hard for me to get adapted at first. But in the back of my head, I was like, I know, I'm gonna kick, you know, serious but here, I know, I can move up. This is easy. This comes really easy to me. I know, I can do this. The hard part was learning the new words, you know, because obviously, Spanish is my main language. So it was kind of it was difficult, but I made it happen. And here we are now. It's pretty much the same transition with that in as in, you know, with technology, although I'm doing both now, but it's pretty much the same.

Scott Anthony Barlow 19:23
Yes, I'm really interested in that. And I'm gonna push you on a couple of these areas, because I think this can really be beneficial to a lot of our listeners, because one of the things I hear over and over again with each of the transitions that you're talking about, and you kind of call that out just a second ago, is that hey, look what was stopping you was not that you couldn't do it or anything like that. What was stopping you was just simply learning enough about it in order to make it work, if you will.

Enrrico Torres 19:53
Yes, yes.

Scott Anthony Barlow 19:54
And I heard you say that, you've kind of always been that way to somebody?

Enrrico Torres 20:01

Scott Anthony Barlow 20:02
Why do you think you've always been that way? Do you think it's a wiring type thing? Or do you think it's like the way that you were raised? Or do you think that along the way, you picked up different experiences where you got confidence around, being able to learn different things or what...?

Enrrico Torres 20:17
I think, well, part of it is I've been wired differently. I mean, my father owns, he's a businessman. So he has, you know, different businesses. But I think that the reason is, what do you call that, I really like, I want to succeed, I want you know, I want more than just a nine to five, I want to make a name for myself, you know, I really want to represent. That's pretty much... I've always been like that, when I worked at a restaurant, I was washed dishes, I had to wash dishes faster than the guy before me, if I was doing the cold table, I had to dress the food faster, grill everything. So that's how I get moving up, up. Because I had to be, you know, in the back of my head, I'm like, I have to be better than the last guy before me. So same, I apply the same thing in construction. You know, it was like, I have to be fast, fast, fast, fast. Not only that, I just because I wanted to make myself indispensable, one of the problems I think, is a lot of people, you know, they feel scared, you know, being scared is genuine. I mean, I was scared. But at the same time, I'm like, I know, I can do it. I know, I can do it. If you know, if I commit, I know I can make this happen. But at the same time, it's kind of like you have that in the back of your head, like you say, I mean, I'm almost 40. I'll be 40 in November. So taking on a risk like this is, you know, this career change is, it's pretty crazy to do that. In the mix of while I'm still doing roofing, but I am like, I know I can make it happen. I'm almost 40, I want something better for myself, and that's the end of it. I just got to do it, you know?

Scott Anthony Barlow 22:03
Yeah, absolutely. And, you know, I'm just thinking in the back of my head a little bit about this. And I'm actually very, very much the same way. It sounds like we have somewhat similar personalities. And I am thinking about these, I used to have my crews do like painting races, like we used to set them up on one wall versus another wall or something like that. And...

Enrrico Torres 22:31
Yeah, we did the same with chandeliers. I'd be like, "okay, you guys go over there. You go over here. Let's see who gets it done the fastest."

Scott Anthony Barlow 22:36
It's like, no, guys, hold on. Come on. I can do it this way faster than...

Enrrico Torres 22:40
Yeah, right. Exactly.

Scott Anthony Barlow 22:41
Yeah. So this is interesting and that, like, how some of this stuff kind of manifests in different areas. But I think that you say, you know, I heard you say that you're a risk taker, and you know, at 40 and everything like that, but I don't think you're actually taking that much of a risk, right? I'm gonna... because here's what I mean by that. Not meant in an insulting way or anything like that.

Enrrico Torres 23:05
Oh, no, no.

Scott Anthony Barlow 23:06
But the way that you're doing it, I think is very, very smart. Because you are, you didn't like, sell off or ditch the roofing company or something like that, and say, I am all in, okay, developers make this happen. Instead, you're going about it, where you're building it maybe a little bit more slowly, but you're keeping the income coming in, you are not having to deal with the stress of making everything work and having be 100% all in on this, and you can allow it to flourish over time. So I actually think that's really, really smart. But I would almost challenge you a little bit and say, that's a smarter way and a less riskier way.

Enrrico Torres 23:54
Right. Yeah, this is pretty crazy. I mean, this application, believe it or not, when I started this project, I thought it was gonna take us six months. Okay. We started this project in 2012. And we were using different solutions. Okay, because at the beginning, we didn't start developing from the ground up, it was only to about 24 months ago, when I just got really tired of using other people's solutions. And just, we were limited everywhere. And, you know, we go back to the creative part, I have so many ideas. I have so many things we wanted to do that because of using other people's solutions, we were limited. And they just came to like, you know what, that's it. We're done with them. I'm putting on my own team. And we're building it from the ground up. So we started about two years ago, I thought it was gonna be six months and here we are, we're still developing, you know, so it's definitely quite a learning curve.

Scott Anthony Barlow 24:52
So what would you advise people in a similar situation where they want to make something happen? They want to you know, I heard you say, there's a lot that goes into it in order to make my dream happen. If they want to make their dream happen, and they're thinking about getting started, they're kind of at back at that place where it's like, you know, I think I could do that. I totally think I could make that happen. And they're still either think about it or just getting into it. What advice would you give them?

Enrrico Torres 25:19
I will say, very to make sure they do the research, because you don't want to take a risk, you know, if it's not really gonna pan out, but you want to do your research and do it. Like, take the chance, I mean, take a careful chance and slowly start building it. Because at the end of the day, like what you don't want is regret. That's the one thing I don't want, I don't want to be 80 years old, and then think, darn it, I should have done it, I knew I could do it, I should have done it. Regret is the worst thing, you know. And if you're especially, if you're in a job, like you said, 35... 30, 35 you're going through that transition, I mean, the jobs, you know, sometimes they're not as good as they could be and it's like, you have to look for another job, but you're scared, you're like, I don't know, if I want to take the job, I don't really know everything about it, you can learn I mean, you're always going to be learning. So if that job is not making you happy, why stay in a job that you're not happy every day, you know. At the end of the day, it's not just you that is not happy, is your family, they can see that you're not happy, your kid, everybody can see, your weighing down. So you just gotta go for it, take a chance. See where it goes. And, you know, I mean, you're still young. I'm still young, I'm almost 40.

Scott Anthony Barlow 26:43

Enrrico Torres 26:45
You're approaching 40.

Scott Anthony Barlow 26:46
Getting closer and closer than I would like.

Enrrico Torres 26:49
Yeah, I know. Right?

Scott Anthony Barlow 26:51
Yeah. But ultimately, I don't know if that matters that much. I mean, eventually, the expiration will be up and everything along those lines, but I don't know, I feel pretty pretty darn young too, how old am I? I can't remember. Okay, so it's not just I can't remember my kids ages, I can't remember my own age. Not sure what that says about me but it's probably accurate. Anyhow, I really appreciate you sharing a whole bunch of this. And you've just got a really interesting and inspiring story. And I so appreciate you making the time. And I'm curious for people that want to learn more about and we didn't even get into it that much, it's called AppendMe, right? Tell us a little bit about that. And then I want you to tell us where we can find out more about you or more about your platform.

Enrrico Torres 27:39
Okay, yes, AppendMe right now, we have the social part out there. On the social part, you can do everything from sharing pictures, links, anything, you also have the ability to like this, like sympathize. And we added that because we wanted to give the user control over their posts, you know, if your pet dies or something like that, you don't want somebody liking your posts, you know, you put sympathy. So we added these buttons in accordance to the users. We also have filters, chat, group chat, everything within one application. And we're working on the e-commerce part where so you're going to be able to buy and sell anything using the application too. So that's pretty much what a AppendMe is right now. And you can reach me, you can either... when you sign up on the application, you can find me there, look me up as Enrrico. And that's how you can connect with me. I also have a profound LinkedIn, we have a page on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, just type AppendMe and you'll see us pop up. So that's pretty much how you can get a hold of me.

Scott Anthony Barlow 28:47
Very cool. Hey, I very much appreciate it. And thank you so much for taking the time and making the time.

Enrrico Torres 28:54
Thank you so much. And thank you to your audience for listening.

Scott Anthony Barlow 28:57
I hope you absolutely love that conversation. I just want you to know that as we're going into this next year, we can absolutely help no matter where you're at. And one of the biggest things that we teach people that we work with either one on one or in our programs or classes or courses is that, when you're just consuming information, that's fine if you're doing it for the purposes of entertainment. However, if you're doing it to actually help, then that means that you have to apply the information that you've learned. So we absolutely love you taking the time and making the time to listen to the podcast. Absolutely love it. This wouldn't happen without it, wouldn't happen without it at all. So really, really appreciate that. And I want to be able to give back to you and that means that we want to be able to teach you to apply all the stuff that you've learned by listening to our episodes and everything else. So the best way that we can do that is for you to be able to reach out to us and tell us a little bit about your situation. And then we can line you up with the best way that we can be of help to you. And I have no idea what that looks like, it might be having you work with one of our coaches, one of our career coaches like Lisa who's been on the podcast multiple times, or Gia or, you know, somebody else on our team, it might be, we don't have the right type of help for you. And we need to point you in another direction. And we know somebody who can take care of you. It might be that it's you know, through career change bootcamp or side biz MBA or our coaching client tech career to action, if you're starting a coaching business, but whatever it is, you know, we can't help unless you take action, and are ready to actually apply the stuff that you've been learning. So in 2017, that's what I want you to do, to be able to kick this off, right. So don't hesitate to reach out. And there's a number of ways that you can do that. But the very easiest way is just go to That's and fill out the form there. It'll ask you a few questions about your situation. And we'll be able to help you make it happen. All right. Hey, thanks so much for making the time, taking the time. I really, really appreciate it. Take a listen to what we've got coming up next week on Happen To Your Career

I've always enjoyed writing even as a kid, I knew it was sort of something that was in me. And I've been working in communications since college for about 10 years now in different capacities. Doing I was a TV news reporter, and I worked as a TV news consultant. And now I work in public relations. But I always stayed true to what I enjoyed, which was writing skills and communications.

Scott Anthony Barlow 32:02
All right, all that and more. Go on over, get this stuff actually applied, go to the and And we will be able to help you get aligned with the best way that you can get moving forward in 2017 to make a massive change to your career in your life. See, all the. All right, I'm out. Adios.

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