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This episode is a little bit different…this is a Career/Finances Mashup!  We are going to share finance advice as it relates to your career from 3 past HTYC Guests…Joel Fortner, Deacon Hayes and Matt Shoup.

We had a lot of fun recording and putting this episode together!  Let us know what you think of it!

Financing Your Dog – Joel Fortner
Joel Fortner, Happen To Your Career, HTYC,

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“I’m the guy who financed his dog!!” 

“Give a pig a pancake…and he’s gonna want some syrup…”

Key points from Joel about your career and finances:

1.  You have to hit the emotional point. You have to make a decision to get your finances in order!

2.  Debt limits your alternatives.  Having debt limits the choices, opportunities and alternatives you have with regards to your carer–and controlling your money is the key to giving yourself options and space.

3.  Working/Running a business are hard enough without debt.  Debt piles on additional concerns, challenges and problems on top of the ones you inherently face in your job or career.

4. Debt can take over your life.  One debt leads to another until it completely controls your life.

Survival to Success Very Quickly – Matt Shoup
Matt Shoup, HTYC, Happen To Your Carer, Scott Barlow,

Listen to Matt’s HTYC Episode here

“I’ve always been the spender of the family…”

5. Debt ties you to whoever you owe the money to.  When you owe someone money, they, to some extent, determine what you do in your life…not what’s best for you, your family, or your career.

6.  Money won’t solve your problems…if you don’t know how to manage it.  Learn to manage your money now, so when you are earning more of it, it works for you, instead of getting further in debt.

7. Get your finances in order…so you can leave a legacy! Start a scholarship fund. An endowment. Help family members. Donate to a charity.  “Change your family tree” as Dave Ramsey says!

“Hey! I Could Quit My Job!” – Deacon Hayes
Deacon Hayes, Scott Barlow, HTYC, Happen To Your Career
Listen to Deacon’s HTYC Episode here

“Without this debt and with this income coming in…this is a no-brainer, let’s quit!”

8. The Secret to being a millionaire…is spending less than you make.

9. Debt Stresses you out.  Stress is bad for your life.  Stress is bad for your career.  It makes you a worse employee, a worse business owner, a worse parent, spouse, etc.

10. Eliminating debt gets you freedom.  Yes, freedom.  More freedom to do what you want.  Chase your dreams. Pursue your passion. Work in your dream job.

11. Getting rid of your debt could allow you to quit your job…if you wanted, and do what you really want to do.  When it comes down to it, it buys you options and allows you to make choices for the right reasons–because it’s best for you and your family, and it’s what you want to do!

12. We want you to make an inpact in the world! To do that you have to be doing work that you love…and moving to work that you love is easier if you have your finances in order!

Total Money Makeover, Dave Ramsey, HTYC, Happen To Your Career

You want to get in control of your finances? We recommend checking out The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey.

Also check out our Resources page more great resources and tools!