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What are strengths? How would you define strengths?

It’s a human tendency to devalue what you have to offer others

Matt McWilliams talks about how we devalue what we have to offer in Episode #006.  Listen to it here. 

In Episode #003, Farnoosh Brock defines strengths as “…the intersection of both skill and passion.”

Listen to Farnoosh’s episode here. 

Just because you’re good at something doesn’t necessarily mean that is what you should be doing.

How do you identify your strenths?
  • Look for those things you do enjoy doing.
  • Make a list of the things you like doing.
  • Examine your past – what did you like doing?

Then ask why? 

The perception of value comes from what others think of it…not necessarily what you think of it.

Our strenghts are those things where we feel that we are actually making a difference.

It’s OK to be good at things.. and it’s ok to admit that you’re good at things!

Be honest about what you are good at…and what you aren’t good at!

Being honest about your strengths and weaknesses is extremely freeing!

Knowing when you’re working in your strengths is foundational to getting to work that you love.

Key Lessons:

1. You can easily fool yourself

2. Write down what you think your strengths are

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