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About Andrea Lake

So, you're interested in starting a business? You don’t want to miss this interview then. Andrea Lake is what you’d call a serious serial entrepreneur.  She’s founded over 14 businesses since the age of 18, some of which include, YogaJunkie, and Delinquent Distribution (the company that owns sales rights to merchandise for some of the world’s biggest video games…think Minecraft and World of Warcraft!).  Now, she’s focusing on training and mentoring others to build their own successful businesses through MentorMojo, an online learning and mentorship platform and, a 6-week training course on how to start a t-shirt business!

You are going to want to grab a pen and take notes folks.  This is a woman who tells us she “loves business the way some people love football” and believe us, you'll see it!


Andrea Lake


What You Will Learn:

  • What the “No A-Hole” Rule is and why you should adopt it in your own life and business.
  • Andrea's advice to those just starting out with their own business:
    • Don't take failure too seriously
    • Find a mentor, someone who's 2-3 rungs up the ladder from where you are
    • Put a dollar figure on your time
  • How to find the right mentor for you AND how to get them to work with you.

Relevant Links and Resources: – a 6-week course on starting your own t-shirt business! – lessons from the world's top entrepreneurs

Andrea's top book recommendations for her mentees (and everyone):

For more information on getting clear on what you want and then taking action:

For more information on starting a business:

Also mentioned in the episode:

The Adventure Capitalist by Jim Rogers

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Twitter: @AndreaLake101

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