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About Cachet Prescott

Starting with your “why” is a game changer. It keeps you aligned with your values, what’s important in your life, and where you want to go.

Cachet Prescott is a career strategist, workplace trainer, and resume writer (aka “career storyteller”). With her business, Career Cachet she empowers women to “listen to their lives” and to become intentional about the next stages in their careers, whether in the workforce or as entrepreneurs. She reminds us that having a career that fits around our life IS possible and shows us how to get it!

How can you expect to get what you want in your career, or in your life for that matter, if you've never really taken the time to explore what is is you actually want?

Cachet started out letting her career dictate how she lived the rest of her life.  It impacted her relationship with her children and ultimately made her miserable.  After some serious soul searching, she decided to take a new approach – life/family first, all else second.

When you're clear on what matters to you, you can be intentional about your choices and you can focus on those things that support your values and the life you want!


Cachet Prescott

What You Will Learn

  • Why you may be more qualified than you think you are for that new career!
  • How sometimes that “golden opportunity” may not be the best one for you!  (AND it won't be the last opportunity either!)
  • The importance of identifying your core values, getting clear on your “why” before all else in your job search (and in life).

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