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About Matt Williams

Love traveling?  Want to find out how you can build a career around it?  This is definitely the interview you don't want to miss!  Matt has co-founded Brain Gain, a “vehicle for undergraduates and graduates to find career relevant positions abroad in startups and social enterprises in emerging economies.”


Even if you haven't been bitten by the travel bug, you'll still get a lot out of this episode.

At each juncture in his career, Matt followed the path that most excited him. Early on, he admits it was more like leaping first, sorting out the details later. But, as he’s grown older, he’s been able to continue making the career moves that excite him, but with careful planning first. Matt shows us that if you want something badly enough, there’s ALWAYS a way to get there!


Matt Williams

What You Will Learn

  • No matter where you are, there are ALWAYS ways to move forward if you know where you want to go and are willing to sacrifice to get there.
  • Find out how Matt was able to go from almost certainly becoming an HR professional in his home country to turning his travel bug into a successful international career.
  • How making decisions based on how excited you are about your options can actually take you where you want to go!

Relevant Links and Resources

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Don't Quit Your Job to Travel, Quit it to Live – Matt's article on traveling with a goal

The Choice – article by Matt's Brain Gain co-founder, Troy Erstling on the choice between working or traveling or BOTH!

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Dave's ESL Cafe – the “Internet meeting place for ESL + EFL teachers + students from around the world”

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