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About Kevin Tumlinson

What is that thing you know in your heart you want to be doing above all other things? The thing that lights you up, the thing you can’t stop talking to other people about?

Do you know what it is?

If so, what is keeping you from focusing on that thing?


Kevin Tumlinson is a fiction writer. But many people know him as copywriter, internet marketer, and podcast host. He’s been writing and publishing his fiction since 2008, but it was only more recently that he made the decision to put his focus on fiction writing.

When he did, the results were astounding.

The majority of his catalog was written in 2015 alone!


Kevin Tumlinson

What You Will Learn

  • How focusing on what energizes you can lead to some pretty amazing results
  • Learn about Kevin’s approach to becoming a successful fiction author by building himself as a brand
  • The importance (once again) of putting a dollar value on your time!

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