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Recent Episodes

December 12, 2022

493: When Quitting Your Job Is The Best Move For Your Career Trajectory 

on this episode Have you thought about quitting your job?  If you’re feeling bored, burnt out, have suddenly developed the Sunday scaries or your workload is affecting your health, the answer most likely is (and should be!) “Yes!”  Sometimes we stay at a job for way, way too long because we don’t want to hurt […]

December 5, 2022

492: How To Approach Your Support System About Making A Career Change

on this episode With every big life change, we encounter challenges. Sometimes, we’re prepared for them, as High-Performers, we like to make sure we have the majority of our bases covered before we dive head-first into the deep-end of our career change.  But, sometimes we find challenges where we least expect them. When we look […]

November 28, 2022

491: How To Find The Right People To Network With When Changing Careers

on this episode Landing your ideal career in today’s world often hinges on building, maintaining, and utilizing your professional network. But building a network can be difficult, especially when you’re attempting to change careers. We’ve talked a lot on the podcast about the importance of reach outs and building relationships, but the part we haven’t talked […]

Charity Von Guinness Photographed by Michelle Lisa Polissaint

November 21, 2022

490: Breaking The Burnout Cycle By Upgrading Your Mindset

Photography by Michelle Lisa Polissaint on this episode Have you ever been rejected by a job opportunity and felt relief?  That’s what happened to Charity. Her entire career had been a cycle of unconsciously falling into similar role after role. She had begun to experience burnout, which led to her robotically applying for similar jobs, […]

November 14, 2022

489: Is Career Coaching Right For You?

on this episode If you find yourself disenchanted by your current role or organization, or you’ve realized your work is no longer fulfilling you, you’ve likely already concluded that you need to make a change. Working with a career coach can be revolutionary for many aspiring career changers, but career coaching is not for everyone […]

November 7, 2022

: I Want Less Responsibility

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